Fox 11 A Student of the Week
Got an "A"? Show everyone your accomplishment!

Any student that gets an A on any test will get the chance to come broadcast the weather, live, on Eyewitness News at 10.

Here's how it works. Get an "A" on any test. Have your parents enter your name in the "A" Student of the Week. You can FAX your entry to 304-346-5370 or send it by mail to:
"A" Student of the Week
Eyewitness News at 10
1301 Piedmont Rd.
Charleston, WV 25301

Remember, on any entry we need
  1. the name of the student,
  2. the grade,
  3. the school name,
  4. the teacher's,
  5. the parent's name and phone number to contact the student.

Every Friday night the winning studet will appear live to report the weather. Then the winning student will draw a name at random from all the entries received for next week's winner.

If you get another "A", send in another entry and double your chances to win!

There's no age limit. Students from Kindergarden to college can enter and win!


Tonight at 12: AM

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