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Storied Venezuelan newspaper sold as independent media comes increasingly under pressure

Reported by: Associated Press
Reported: Friday, July 4, 2014 12:19 PM EDT
CARACAS, Venezuela

One of Venezuela's most prestigious newspapers has been sold at a moment of increasing pressure on the country's independent press.

Details of the sale of Caracas-based El Universal to a group of Spanish investors were still emerging Friday.

Editor in Chief Elides Rojas confirms the sale and tells the Associated Press that Jesus Abreu will assume leadership of the paper. Abreu is best known as the brother of the director of Venezuela's government-funded system of youth orchestras.

During an early morning radio interview, Rojas acknowledged there is apprehension in the newsroom about whether the paper will follow in the steps of other recently sold news media outlets that have softened their editorial line. He said he was hopeful that the paper would maintain its editorial standards.


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