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5 people hospitalized in Hungary suspected of having eaten beef infected with anthrax

Reported by: Associated Press
Reported: Friday, July 4, 2014 5:21 AM EDT

Health authorities say five people have been hospitalized in eastern Hungary, suspected of eating meat infected with anthrax.

The National Public Health and Medical Officer Service said Friday traces of the deadly bacteria were found in improperly frozen meat from two cows slaughtered illegally in the eastern town of Tiszafured. Some of the meat was transported to a company which operates hotels, restaurants and other facilities. The company's kitchen has been closed.

Authorities asked people who may have eaten the infected beef to see a doctor as anthrax can be cured with antibiotics if it is diagnosed in time.

Officials said there was no immediate risk of the disease spreading and were vaccinating animals in the area which could possibly be exposed to the bacteria.


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