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Judge orders arrest of Peruvian 'mini-dictator' on murder charges

Reported by: Associated Press
Reported: Thursday, May 15, 2014 8:10 PM EDT
LIMA, Peru

A Peruvian judge has ordered the arrest of a governor on murder charges in the gangland-slaying of a former regional lawmaker who accused him of running a corrupt, violent mini-dictatorship.

Gov. Cesar Alvarez is wanted in the March murder of Ezequiel Nolasco.

A judge on Thursday issued a total of 29 arrest warrants associated with killing.

The accused include a big-city mayor, police, journalists, Alvarez's press secretary and the construction union boss who forced Nolasco out of the union leadership.

Nolasco had complained for years about Alvarez-led corruption and survived a 2010 assassination attempt he blamed on the governor. His March 14 death finally spurred national authorities to action.

Alvarez's whereabouts could not immediately be determined. In an interview last month, he denied any involvement in Nolasco's death.


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