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Captain America: The Winter Soldier April 4, 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Studio: Marvel Studios
Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, gunplay and action throughout.

In the wake of "The Avengers", Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is looking for answers.

A man out of time, Rogers is having difficulty adjusting to today's world where there is very little black and white, but many shades of gray.

Now a full-time member of SHIELD, Captain America bristles at some of the shady things the superspy agency has to do, but he justifies it by believing it is all for the greater good.

However, a threat arises that could topple SHIELD and Cap has to try and stop an assassin whose existence is only whispered about. He's called The Winter Soldier.

As the film continues, the conspiracy gets more complex. Captain America has to decide who he can trust. He meets a new friend, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), a former paratrooper who is trying to adjust to life after the military. When Cap needs help dealing with the nearly unstoppable Winter Soldier, he asks Wilson to join the fight. Which he does, through the air.

In some ways, Captain America is one of the more difficult Marvel heroes to bring to life. He's a little old fashioned and not as flashy or powerful as Iron Man or the Hulk. However, directors Anthony and Joe Russo use that to their advantage. Steve Rogers is definitely a fish out of water, a product of a simpler era. When confronted the complexities of modern life he goes with his gut and he's usually right.

This movie showcases Evans, along with Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson as SHIELD leader Nick Fury. Both are given more to do here than in any of their previous appearances, and we learn much more about their characters. And that makes them more interesting.

Mackie fills the role of the hero very well while Sebastian Stan reprises his part as Bucky Barnes from the first Cap movie. However, he is a very different character this time around.

Finally, Robert Redford has a meaty role as Secretary Alexander Pierce, a member of the World Security Council which oversees SHIELD.

The action scenes will have you on the edge of your seat, the story moves along at a great pace with more than a few wonderful cameos from familiar faces and there are references to the Marvel Universe that hardcore fanboys will love.

Remember to stick around after the credits start rolling, there are two bonus scenes. One which sets up a future Marvel movie and another which puts a nice bow on this one.

On my rating scale, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" earns a HOME RUN. This has blockbuster written all over it.

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