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3 Days To Kill February 21, 2014
3 Days To Kill
Studio: EuropaCorp
Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language.

At first glance, "3 Days To Kill" could be your standard spy movie, with a CIA super-agent given the job of taking out a shifty terrorist who wants to sell dirty nuclear bombs to rogue nations.

But that's just what's on the surface. Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) is an older agent who has seen plenty of action. Coming off one of his most dangerous missions, he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. That prompts Ethan to walk away from his job and try to re-connect with his family. That means spending time with his estranged wife and daughter, who are living in Paris.

However, the agency makes him an offer he can't refuse. His handler Vivi Delay (Amber Heard) possesses an experimental treatment which could save his life. But, she needs him to do a job. Vivi wants Ethan to find and kill a terrorist nicknamed "The Wolf" (Richard Sammel).

Ethan accepts. But, while he's stalking the bad guy, he's also taking care of his teenaged daughter Zoey (Hailee Stenfield).

As he navigates the challenges of fatherhood, Ethan finally gets close to the villain and seizes a chance to take him out of the equation.

It's not clear if "3 Days To Kill" knows what kind of movie it wants to be. The tone of the film is all over the place.

One minute we see Ethan as a brutally efficient killing machine. The next we see him bumbling through his role as father while navigating the perils of having a teenaged, rebellious daughter.

To his credit, Costner makes it work most of the time. His spy is believable and vulnerable. However, he is placed in some situations that strain the realm of believability. Do you really think he'd blow off a chance to kill the terrorist and end the threat just to spend an afternoon in the park and grab some hot chocolate with his kid? Well, he does. There are those kinds of moments sprinkled throughout the film and they make you shake your head.

It's not a total disaster, but it's certainly uneven and has plenty of stops and starts.

On my rating scale, "3 Days To Kill" earns a SINGLE.

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