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Ride Along January 17, 2014
Ride Along
Studio: Universal Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for sequences of violence, sexual content and brief strong language.

In yet another variation of the tried and true mismatched buddy comedy, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star in "Ride Along,"

Hart is Ben, who is in love with his girlfriend Angela (Tia Sumpter) . Ben's a school security guard who dreams of becoming a police officer. But Ben has a big problem. Angela's brother James (Ice Cube), doesn't think he's worthy of being her man, and his future brother-in-law.

James is a rough and ready Atlanta cop who offers to take Ben on a "ride along," to give him a chance to prove himself with a day on the streets. After a few stops and starts getting Ben ready, they go on patrol. Soon, James is looking for an informant while Ben questions his younger brother. It doesn't go well and soon Ben is running back to the car, escaping from an angry mob. The day has its ups and downs before Ben grabs an opportunity to help his prospective brother-in-law with a major case.

"Ride Along" rises and falls on the strength of Hart's performance. If you're a fan and enjoy his brand of comedy, then the movie will provide you with some laughs.

But don't go expecting too much.

This is a film which has a firm grip on exactly what it is, an outing to showcase Hart's timing with his fish out of water police work and his prickly relationship with Ice Cube. For his part, the rapper turned actor is the straight man, giving Hart and his non-stop talking plenty of room to showcase what he does best. Yes, Ben is a stereotypical idiot and James is a stereotypical tough guy, but there are enough laughs sprinkled into the script to make this an amusing outing, with the condition that you know what you're getting into when you sit down to watch.

On my rating scale, "Ride Along" earns a DOUBLE,

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