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Frozen November 29, 2013
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Rating: PG for some action and mild rude humor.

"Frozen" is the latest in a long line of Disney musicals and it measures up well against the best the studio has ever created.

Two sisters grow up as best friends, but one has a secret power. Elsa (Idina Menzel) has the ability to turn anything into snow or ice with just a touch. But after a horrible accident involving her younger sister Anna (Kristin Bell) her parents lock her away in their castle to keep her and others safe.

However, on her 18th birthday, Elsa ascends to the throne. She and Anna have a clumsy, but sweet reunion. All goes well fairly well until Anna announces she is in love and wants to get married, which causes Elsa to accidentally unleash her power again.

Elsa plunges the kingdom into eternal winter and runs away into the mountains. Anna vows to find her and restore the kingdom and their family. Along the way she teams up with an ice salesman named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer Sven.

The trio eventually meets a singing snowman named Olaf (Josh Gad) who was created by Elsa's magic. And he can lead them to the queen's newly-created ice castle. But Elsa wants to be left alone. It's up to Anna to convince her to return and save the kingdom and their family.

"Frozen" is excellent on just about every level. It looks gorgeous, as the winter wonderland sparkles with glistening cold. It sounds even better. The soundtrack is at times funny and other times soaring and serious. Menzel is one of the best singers of our time and she is incredible here. Her signature moment is the song "Let It Go," It's empowering and liberating and it sounds fantastic. While Bell may not have Menzel's reputation, her work as Anna is equally good. She's funny and is a very talented singer.

The voices and the plot take you along on a wonderful ride. And, as you reach the end, the film's message is delivered in a surprising, uplifting and clever way.

"Frozen" is the perfect holiday movie for everyone, young and old alike. It feels like classic Disney, but is presented with cutting edge technology giving you pristine sound and beautiful graphics.

I enjoyed this very much. It's cold on the outside but it leaves you feeling warm on the inside. On my rating scale, "Frozen" earns a HOME RUN.

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