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The Best Man Holiday November 15, 2013
The Best Man Holiday
Studio: Universal Pictures
Rating: R for language, sexual content and brief nudity.

In 1999, we were introduced to an amazing cast of young up and coming stars. "The Best Man" was a hit romantic comedy.

Now, writer-director Malcom Lee has reunited that cast with the sequel, "The Best Man Holiday."

It's been 15 years since the gang was together. But they reunite for a holiday weekend and quickly discover it doesn't take very long for old romances and rivalries to re-ignite.

While the men and women of the original film have moved along in their personal lives and careers, they still like to have a good time. That includes the guys getting together to entertain the ladies with a saucy dance number.

In some way, "The Best Man" was groundbreaking. However since its release, movies have changed and there is much more room for films starring African-American casts.

In a way, that works against "The Best Man Holiday", because it feels like a "by the numbers" romantic comedy. Mix in some drama, a little bit of sex, a couple of catfights and enough sad moments to warrant an entire box of Kleenex and you have this movie.

Thankfully, the cast makes the film worth seeing, even if you figure out where the story is going long before the characters do.

It's good getting the old gang get back together again, I just wish the director had given them a few less cliches and a few more interesting challenges to deal with.

On my rating scale, "The Best Man Holiday" earns a DOUBLE.

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