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Machete Kills October 12, 2013
Machete Kills
Studio: Open Road Films
Rating: R for strong bloody violence throughout, language and some sexual content.

It all started as a fake trailer in 2007, lampooning the grindhouse style of filmmaking. That led to the 2010 feature film "Machete" which brings us to here and this sequel.

Director Robert Rodriguez serves up a heaping helping of 1970s style sex and violence in "Machete Kills." Danny Trejo returns as the hero, who is sent south of the border to deal with a madman, Voz (Mel Gibson wants to bomb the nation's capital. But for Machete to reach the bad buy, he has to go through a brothel run by the villain's henchwoman Desdemona (Sofia Vergara). Another hurdle is Killjoy, played by former "Spy Kid" Alexa Vega.

Machete's manages to escape Desmedona's trap, even though she employs a very unique pair of bra-mounted machine guns to try and do him in.

This is a film which never takes itself seriously. Although its not a complete parody, "Machete Kills" showcases the grindhouse action style from beginning to end.

Trejo remains dour and serious, and he's surrounded by a great cast. Vergara is a high point, playing a character with no restraint. Gibson's return to the screen as a villain show he still carries plenty of star power. Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Antonia Banderas, Cuba Gooding, Junior and Lady Gaga all have smaller roles and look like they're having a good time as Machete wreaks bloody havoc.

This is not high concept cinema and its certainly not for everyone. But it is fast-paced and entertaining. And if you enjoy it, I'm sure you're looking forward to the next chapter, "Machete Kills...In Space".

On my rating scale, "Machete Kills" earns a DOUBLE.

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