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Riddick September 6, 2013
Studio: One Race Productions
Rating: R for strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity.

When we last saw Vin Diesel's character Riddick, he was ruling an empire. With the arrival of the latest chapter of his story things have changed.

Five years have passed and Riddick has been betrayed by his people and left to die on a hostile world. Like the first film in the series, "Pitch Black", he finds himself battling both the elements and the strange creatures who live there.

But Riddick is tough to kill. He survives and finds an old mercenary outpost. From there he sends a distress signal in hopes a ship will come to get him off-planet. Two ships answer the call, both full of bounty hunters trying to collect his head.

Riddick dispatches several of the mercs but he is captured. However, Riddick knows something the bounty hunters don't. An approaching rainstorm will awaken hordes of monsters and they all need to escape as quickly as possible.

I really enjoyed this film. Even though it echoed the first installment it's done in such a way its still an entertaining ride.

The first third of the movie focuses solely on Riddick and his fight for survival. It's mostly quiet, punctuated by moments of extreme violence, The time serves to build the character and set the mood and I appreciated the pace. Riddick even acquires a pet of sorts, which I liked.

Business definitely picks up when the bounty hunters arrive. Although they want to get the reward for Riddick's capture, they eventually realize they have much more to worry about on the planet than just him.

Jodir Molla, Matt Nable and Katee Sackhoff all give strong supporting performances. One of them even has a connection to Riddick's past.

"Riddick" wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but in this case that's a good thing. Diesel delivers as both the star and the producer.

On my rating scale, "Riddick" earns a TRIPLE.

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