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The World August 23, 2013
The World's End
Studio: Focus Features
Rating: R for pervasive language including sexual references.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are reunited in director Edgar Wright's "The World's End."

It's the third chapter in the Cornetto Trilogy, which got its name from the Cornetto ice cream flavors featured in each movie.

The first was "Shaun of the Dead," followed by "Hot Fuzz" and now the final tale centers on an epic pub crawl.

Pegg stars as Gary, a 40-year old desperately wanting to re-live past glory. He assembles his old crew for an epic night of drinking. Gary wants to recreate a pub crawl by visiting a dozen drinking establishments along the "Golden Mile." The first time they failed to finish, but this time he's determined to make it to the bitter end.

Not all of his friends are on board with the idea, but Gary is very persuasive so they all set out on their adventure.

However, what they don't realize as they make their way to each of the bars, they may also be humanity's only hope for survival.

"The World's End" is a worthy addition to its two predecessors. It's shot in the same quirky style, has a mix of endearing and crude moments, is supremely well-acted and blends two different movie styles very well.

It's mix of comedy and science fiction will keep you engaged as Gary, Andy and their friends try to navigate the Golden Mile while encountering an ever-growing number of unexpected threats.

Wright and Pegg cro-wrote the script, which is funny but also touching. You care about these guys as they struggle for their goal and that is what makes "The World's End" a cut above the rest.

On my rating scale, "The World's End" earns a HOME RUN.

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