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Oblivion April 19, 2013
Studio: Universal
Rating: PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity.

The world in "Oblivion" is a barren place. The story is set about 70 years in the future. An alien race called the "Scavs" attacked the Earth. They blew up the moon and invaded. We managed to win the war, but because we had to use nuclear weapons there wasn't much left following the conflict.

Most of the planet's population is gone to the far reaches of the solar system. Jack (Tom Cruise) has been left behind. He's a drone repairman who spends much of time fixing machines which patrol for any Scavs left behind. He lives thousands of feet above the surface with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough).

With their tour of duty winding to a close its a pretty mundane existence, until a crashed spacecraft reveals something which shakes Jack's belief in the war and why it was fought.

There are survivors on the ship, but the drones attack leaving only one alive. Jack takes the woman (Olga Kurylenko) to his home, but Victoria isn't pleased. She doesn't trust the new arrival and says the woman must go.

There are many recognizable science fiction elements in "Obilivion." The movie borrows liberally from a bunch of different sci-fi classics. However, the blended final product manages to present a new and interesting story. Jack is complex character with snippets of memory trying to fight to the surface. His mind has been wiped clean so the Scavs can't get any information if he's captured. But that leads to disturbing dreams and visions.

"Oblivion" is stark, but beautiful film. It shows the waste of a world which was destroyed in order to save it. Unlike many summer films the story doesn't rely on a constant stream of big budget explosions. Instead, it's much more quiet which befits Jack's solitary existence.

Without revealing any of the plot twists it is safe to say that the story Jack has been told may not be the absolute truth. He has to find out for himself what really happened during the war to leave humanity in the state we find it.

Although there are some stretches of credibility, everything is explained in the end in a manner I found mostly satisfying.

On my rating scale, Oblivion earns a TRIPLE.

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