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Jack The Giant Slayer March 1, 2013
Jack The Giant Slayer
Studio: New Line Cinemas
Rating: PG-13 for intense scenes of fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief language.

Nicholas Hoult, fresh off of his very good work in the zombie love story "Warm Bodies" takes on the challenge of portraying a different kind of hero in "Jack the Giant Slayer."

Jack knows of a legend that magic beans once sprouted into a stalk that grew into the sky, connecting our world with a land of giants.

But, the giants were evil and humanity was forced to find a way to fend them off before destroying the stalk to keep them trapped in the heavens.

Meanwhile, Jack's life is pretty tough. He's an orphan who is very poor. But, things start looking up when Jack has an unexpected meeting with a princess named Isabelle. Although things don't go well it sets the stage for another encounter where the story really gets moving.

Through a series of misadventures the princess finds herself an unwilling visitor to the land of the giants. The king sends a force to rescue her and Jack is a part of the team.

This is a very straightforward action movie that stays pretty close to its roots. Jack travels up the beanstalk, finds the princess and engineers a daring escape. That infuriates the giants, who vow revenge and plot to travel down to the land of the humans.

Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson have some nice chemistry as Jack and his princess. But two other very good actors nearly steal the show. Ewen McGregor plays a knight named Elmont and he is cool as a cucumber. Elmont is charismatic and full of pithy one liners. On the other side of the coin, Stanley Tucci is an evil aide to the king with a sinister agenda. He gets his hands on an item which allows him to control the giants. He uses the power to try and steal the throne.

Director Bryan Singer shot this film in 3D and it looks pretty amazing.There are a couple of special effects shots that are blatantly fake but for the most part the scenery and the action is able to overcome those moments.

If you're looking for a simple story with clearly defined good guys and villains, then this is for you.

On my rating scale "Jack the Giant Slayer" earns a TRIPLE.

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