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A Good Day To Die Hard February 22, 2013
A Good Day To Die Hard
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: R for violence and language.

How many times can the same thing happen to the same guy? Well, if you're John McClane, at least five.

In "A Good Day To Die Hard" Bruce Willis' New York cop is in Russia to help his estranged son who has gotten into a spot of trouble.

But once he arrives, McClane finds his son (Jai Courtney) is involved in a high stakes game of international espionage. So, he jumps into the action to help him out.

Father and son soon reunite, but they immediately run into some very bad people. However, if there's one thing we know about John McClane, he is very tough to kill.

I love the "Die Hard" series but I have several problems with this movie. For all of its exciting action, it is very loud and at times very dumb. When we first met John McClane he was a normal guy stuck in an incredibly dangerous situation. But somehow, against all odds he came out on top.

Sure, he was battered and bruised and bleeding but in the end Hans Gruber went out the window of the building and the good guy won.

However, the character has evolved over the years and now he's a sort of a "Superman". Thrown into the most ridiculous situations and explosive situations he emerges not much worse for the wear. I kind miss the old John McClane. The guy who limped through a movie and barely made it to the end in one piece.

The addition of his son does give the film a chance to explore areas of the character we haven't seen before, but it's not enough to make McClane less of a cartoon and more of a human being.

However, even with its flaws (and there are several), Willis' trademark sarcastic humor is alive and well, the action sequences are impressive and the pace of the movie takes you from one eye-popping set piece to the next.

Yes, I wish it was toned down a bit but it's so good seeing John McClane doing his thing again I'm willing to overlook this sequel's issues.

On my rating scale, "A Good Day To Die Hard" earns a TRIPLE.

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