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Beautiful Creatures February 15, 2013
Beautiful Creatures
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating: PG-13 for violence, scary images and some sexual material.

Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) isn't satisfied. Stuck in rural South Carolina he dreams of a bigger and better life. But then he meets Lena (Alice Englert). She's a new girl in school and Ethan slowly starts to fall for her.

The other kids don't like Lena very much. Many of them go to church and say she and her family are involved with dark forces. But Ethan pays no attention. After all, love is blind.

Following a few events that are difficult to explain, Ethan stars asking questions about Lena and her family, so she sits him down to reveal the truth.

She's a "caster." They prefer that term to witch. And with her 16th birthday quickly approaching, Lena is worried about about her future. She be "claimed" by either the light or the dark. It doesn't help matters that Lena's mother is one of the world's most powerful dark casters and mom wants daughter by her side rule a new age.

This is an entertaining movie. Ehrenreich and Englert are two newcomers who carry the movie by the strength of their chemistry and relationship. They're connected by history and refuse to let destiny and dark curses stand in their way.

Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and Viola Davis have supporting roles as casters and the seer who guides them. They add some substance to what would otherwise be a lightweight teenage love story with fairly substantial complications.

Saved by interesting performances and with just enough plot to keep you going, even a confusing final act isn't enough to put the whammy on this movie.

It would be very easy to compare "Beautiful Creatures" to "Twilight." Both involve forbidden love with supernatural overtones. But that's far too simple. This isn't "Twilight" with witches. Young relationships are tough enough without throwing magic and mayhem into the mix, but that's exactly what happens here. The movie's saving grace is the bond between Ethan and Lena and the chemistry between the stars which makes you care about their fate.

On the negative side, some pretty pedestrian special effects and mind numbing dialogue keep this from being a really great movie.

On my rating scale, "Beautiful Creatures" earns a DOUBLE.

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