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Warm Bodies February 1, 2013
Warm Bodies
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Rating: PG-13 for zombie violence and some language.

Zombie movies have become so popular that we've seen just about every type. However, there is a different twist in theaters. "Warm Bodies" is a zombie love story.

"R" is a different type of undead creature. As he shuffles along in the afterlife we hear his thoughts. He's not happy about his current state and wants to make a change. Unfortunately, since he's a corpse, his options are fairly limited.

But even with his progressive mindset, "R" and his fellow zombies gotta eat, so they go on the hunt and encounter a group of human survivors. He meets a girl named Julie and something is triggered inside of him. "R" saves Julie from being devoured and the two develop a type of friendship.

Eventually, Julie makes it back to the walled city where she lives. But "R" misses her so he follows with the news that their relationship is transforming the zombies for the better.

With "R" and Julie at the forefront of something big there is a wave of change. The undead start to exhibit small signs of life. But they still have a problem. On one hand the human survivors aren't very trusting and on the other, the "bonie" zombies, whose humanity is totally gone, want to feed on the re-awakening corpses.

"R" (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teresa Palmer) are a winning couple as the zombie and the object of his affection. "Warm Bodies" does have some typical horror movie scenes but at its center it is truly a love story. Additionally, there are more than a few echoes of Romeo and Juliet. Like that famous Shakespearean couple, "R" and Julie are separated by a gulf of hatred and only they can bring two warring factions together. There are many enjoyable scenes as "R" rediscovers his humanity, thanks to a chance meeting with the girl of his undead dreams. Together, they set out to save the world from a zombie apocalypse.

On my rating scale, "Warm Bodies" earns a TRIPLE.

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