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Jack Reacher December 21, 2012
Jack Reacher
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language and some drug material.

A sniper kills five innocent people. The police make a quick arrest and are sure they have the right man. The accused says he didn't do it and tells the authorities to get Jack Reacher.

Tom Cruise plays the title character. Based on a series of novels by author Lee Child, Reacher is a former military investigator who has disappeared. But he finds out about the murders and decides to look for the truth.

Reacher's probe uncovers some surprising facts. The case against the alleged sniper may not be as strong as it first appeared. But someone doesn't want their secrets uncovered so they place obstacles in Reacher's path.

There is no doubt Cruise can handle an action role. His career is full of them. As Jack Reacher he is a man of few words who lets his fists do his talking.

Reacher is dedicated to finding the truth and he won't let anyone or anything get in his way.

Director Christopher McQuarrie has crafted a tidy little tale that is lean and mean. Scenes alternate between Reacher's investigation and how he deals with those who get in his way. He's not bound by rules and regulations and that makes him a dangerous character.

There's a throwback feel to this movie and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of a bloated action vehicle we get something that still has plenty of punch without going ridiculously over the top.

Fans of the books have been critical of the choice to cast Cruise as Reacher. In the novels he's a monster of a man at 6-5. While Cruise isn't nearly as imposing at 5-foot-7 I still think he pulls it off.

If this turns out to be the start of a series of movies I think the franchise has gotten off on the right foot.

On my rating scale, "Jack Reacher" earns a TRIPLE.

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