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Columbiana August 26, 2011
Studio: Europa Corporation
Rating: PG-13 for violence, disturbing images, intense sequences of action, sexuality and brief strong language.

Zoe Saldana is firmly establishing herself as an action star.

First "Avatar," then "The Losers" and now "Columbiana."

We first meet Cataleya as a nine-year old. Her father is part of criminal cartel in Bogota...but he wants out.

However, the crime lord he partnered with doesn't let that happen.

Cataleya's parents are murdered. But the child escapes and makes her way to America to live with an uncle in Chicago...who also happens to be a mobster.

But, Cataleya is set on revenge...and trains for 15 years to become the perfect assassin.

While performing hits for hire she moonlights on her quest to wipe out her family's killers....something Cataleya's uncle finally discovers.

He isn't pleased, but she vows to continue her campaign of revenge. After a killing more than 20 bad guys, Cataleya has the FBI on her trail. But she still doesn't know where the ultimate target is. She "persuades" a federal agent to contact the CIA to get that information.

It is then that she makes plans for her final assault on the man who destroyed her family.

"Columbiana" is fast-paced with great action and a minimal script. Although there are some exactly how does Cataleya become the ultimate killing machine? Just suspend disbelief for a little while...give in and enjoy the ride.

The film does have some decent supporting performances, including a pseudo-boyfriend played by Michael Vartan, this movie belongs to Saldana.

She's sleek and sexy and deadly....but also manages to a show vulnerable side that many action heroes fail to display.

On my rating scale, "Columbiana" earns a TRIPLE. It's a little formulaic...and the supporting cast isn't as well-developed as the star...but it's still an entertaining film.

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