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Drive Angry February 26, 2011
Drive Angry
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Rating: R for strong brutal violence throughout, grisly images, some graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language.

"Drive Angry" gets started with a bang and doesn't ever let up.

The opening scene has John Milton (Nicholas Cage) roaring out of hell in a hot rod...looking for a satanist who killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby.

Hot on his trail is "The Accountant" (William Fichtner). It's his job to put Milton back where he belongs.

Soon after his escape, Milton's car is trashed. He needs a new ride, and Piper (Amber Heard) has a great set of wheels.

They hook up...and Piper agrees to take him down the road as far as she's going. But a murderous attack by cult members convinces Piper that she and Milton should stick together.

The pair is making its way to the rumored site of the satanic ritual to sacrifice Milton's granddaughter. But even as they close in on the cult leader The Accountant continues his relentless pursuit.

However, Milton has a surprise for his adversary. When he escaped from the Underworld, he brought something out with him. A gun named the "god killer" which can blast supernatural beings into nothingness. That levels the playing field between Milton and the devil's right hand man.

"Drive Angry" was shot in 3D...and it never passes up and opportunity to throw something at you. Blood. Gore. Bullets. You name comes whizzing past your head.

Saying this film is "over the top" would be a big understatement. Everything about "Drive Angry" is over the top.

Deaths. Explosions. Gratuitous nudity. Car chases. It's a pedal to the metal action movie that doesn't try to make logical sense. It just bounces from one scene to the next with the actors playing a game of "Hey, can you top this?"

Cage is deadly serious as Milton, with a touch of crazy in his eyes. You know, the normal Nicolas Cage performance. Heard is gorgeous..and actually gives Piper a little character and depth. She's rough and ready to fight as she and Milton team up to save the baby. Fichtner gives a very good and restrained performance as a demon. Well, it was restrained until he rolls a hydrogen truck through a police checkpoint. But you have to see that for yourself.

And I want to hand out special kudos to Billy Burke. Best known as the police chief in the "Twilight" series he gives an unhinged performance as cult leader Jonah King, who is ready to butcher a baby to usher in hell on Earth.

I'm really torn on this film. It is undeniably stupid and makes no sense, but at the same time it's fun and energetic. So, I'll compromise on the rating. Just check your brain at the door and settle in for a good old fashioned exploitation action flick.

On my rating scale, "Drive Angry" earns a DOUBLE.

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