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Megamind November 6, 2010
Studio: Dreamworks Animation
Rating: PG for action and some language.

Dreamworks Animation has been on a hot streak this year, with "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek Forever After" raking in nearly 500 billion dollars domestically.

The studio's newest release is "Megamind." Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt provide the voices for this adventure, which tells the story of two alien babies who grow up on different sides of the tracks.

One becomes the beloved superhero Metroman, but the other turns to evil and takes on the name Megamind.

After years of humbling losses to his foe, Megamind hatches a plan that...much to his With Metroman out of the way, Megamind's dream has come true.

But he finds soon finds a villain without a hero to fight has no purpose, so he schemes to create another champion to battle.

Unfortunately for Megamind, the new hero Titan is no Metroman and the villain finds himself in the unfamiliar role of having to save the day.

The animation is great, is is the voice work, particularly by Ferrell and Fey.

It's funny and offers some nice touching moments as a bad guy slowly turns his life around.

There is one minor thing I wanted to point out. During a major battle between Titan and Megamind, there's a moment that unexpectedly reminded me of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

I don't want to make more out of it than it is because I'm certain the filmmakers didn't intend for that to happen, but there are some images so ingrained in our memory from that day that it's almost unavoidable. After the movie I talked with some friends...and discovered I wasn't the only one who had that momentary thought.

But it doesn't ruin the value of the's an entertaining film which I really liked.

On my rating scale, "Megamind" earns a HOME RUN.

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