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The A-Team June 11, 2010
The A-Team
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence throughout, language and smoking.

The tv series "The A-Team" introduced four characters to the world who would become entertainment icons.

They were veterans of the Vietnam War, wrongly accused of a crime. Sentenced to prison, they escaped to clear their name and help those in need.

With some minor tweaking, that is the basic premise of the big screen version of "The A-Team."

This time, Iraq is the battlefield. After we are introduced to our four heroes in a lengthy prologue, we move a few years...and a few missions down the road.

In the last days of the pullout from Iraq, they're given a top-secret mission. But, they afoul of military law and are each sentenced to federal prison.

But no cell can can hold "The A-Team." Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Face (Bradley Cooper) and B-A (Rampage Jackson) all promptly escape...and then travel to Germany to pick up their slightly insane pilot, Howling Mad Murdock (Sharlo Copley).

Hannibal wastes little time in setting out to uncover the truth about the plot that imprisoned his squad. He uses The A-Team's unique talents to pull off the seemingly impossible.

Director Joe Carnahan has put together an entertaining, action-packed summer film.

The cast doesn't t mimic the original characters, but enough of their essence is present to make sure they're recognizable.

It looks like they're having a genuine good time and enjoying each other's company...and that rubs off on the audience. There isn't a whole of new ground being broken here, but you won't be disappointed with the acting, action and plot. It's a fun two hours at the movies as we learn the origin of The A-Team and see how they overcome impossible odds.

On my rating scale, "The A-Team" hits a HOME RUN. I love it when a plan comes together!

And, stick around for a special scene after the credits. I think you'll recognize a couple of actors who make an appearance.

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