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Shrek Forever After May 21, 2010
Shrek Forever After
Studio: Dreamworks
Rating: PG for mild action, some rude humor and brief language.

In what is being billed as the final chapter in the saga, the big green ogre and all of his friends return in "Shrek Forever After." And it's in 3-D.

As it turns out, even "happily ever after" has some drawbacks.

Shrek is still in love with Fiona, has a large family and a kingdom But...he longs for more simple days.

And that leads to a bad deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

Shrek makes a wish...and gets it. He winds up in an alternate reality where he has no love in his life and no friends. So he goes about re-acquainting himself with his old comrades, to very mixed results.

I really liked the first two outings in this series, but felt let down by chapter three. It just played as a tired story with very little spark.

I'm happy to tell you that the magic is back in "Shrek Forever After."

Mike Myers shines as the star. Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas are very funny as the comedy duo Donkey and Puss In Boots. And Cameron Diaz' Fiona is both loving and tough as Shrek worms his way back into her heart.

But they aren't alone, all of your favorite fairy tale characters are back. The Gingerbread Man, 3 Blind Mice, Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs...all provide nice moments throughout the film.

The pictures are as good as the story. The animation is beautiful with the 3D effects helping it literally jump off of the screen.

This is a funny and silly movie with a big heart that both kids and adults will enjoy.

On my rating scale, "Shrek Forever After" hits a HOME RUN.

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