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Edge Of Darkness January 29, 2010
Edge Of Darkness
Studio: Warner Bros.
Rating: R for strong bloody violence and language.

It's been eight years since we've seen Mel Gibson in a starring role on the big screen.

He returns with the thriller "Edge of Darkness."

Gibson plays Boston police detective Thomas Craven. He's a single father of a young woman in her twenties.

But before too long tragedy strikes and the cop sets out to investigate his daughter's murder.

Craven soon discovers many things about his daughter's life he did not know. As his probe into her death continues the detective finds himself in the middle of a corporate and government conspiracy that has many layers and poses many threats.

It's been said that some of Gibson's best roles have been when he's on the trail of bad guys who have wronged him and his family.

That is once again the case and he scores another victory with "Edge Of Darkness."

But this is no mindless cop on a rampage of destruction and vengeance story. Instead we get a complicated drama that has more than a couple hidden agendas.

Don't go to this film expecting wall-to-wall action. That doesn't happen. Instead it plays much more like a mystery punctuated with moments of bedlam.

Gibson hasn't lost his touch. He's still a very talented actor who can do dialogue or menace with the best of them. He's matched here by Ray Winstone's (Jedburgh) government agent who is sent in to clean up the mess and make sure nothing that gets out that isn't supposed to.

Directed by Martin Campbell, who has a couple of James Bond ("GoldenEye", "Casino Royale") and Zorro ("The Mask Of Zorro", "The Legend Of Zorro") movies on his resume', "Edge Of Darkness" is moody with plenty of twists and turns. It boasts a top-notch cast and delivers a satisfying story.

On my rating scale, "Edge Of Darkness" earns a TRIPLE.

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