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This Is It October 30, 2009
This Is It
Studio: Sony Pictures
Rating: PG for some suggestive choreography and scary images.

At the time of his death this summer, Michael Jackson was in the final stages of preparing for a sold out series of concerts at London's 02 Arena.

Following his passing, the tour's director and promoters decided to release a movie made from hundreds of hours of rehearsal footage shot from April to June of 2009.

"This Is It" is a look a what might have been. It shows how Jackson was preparing to give his fans one more and in person.

The film gives you a pretty intimate look at the process Jackson went through to create his stage magic. No detail was too small for the "King of Pop" to take care of rehearsal.

"This Is It" isn't going to radically change anyone's opinion of Jackson. His often bizarre actions and allegations of improper sexual contact with children soured many people. But even after his death, to millions Jackson remains an icon. This movie has the full backing of his estate and is a love letter to the late singer.

However, even with the power of movie magic the filmmakers couldn't create something out of nothing. Jackson's voice is in fine form as he sings through his catalog of hits. Visually, he was still a striking performer with his signature dance moves looking as sharp as they did 25 years ago.

Rumors of ill health and frailty certainly don't stand up to the image of Jackson we see on the screen.

This is a very entertaining look at a man, who despite his troubles, has his place alongside the greatest entertainers of our time.

On my rating scale, "This Is It" hits a TRIPLE.

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