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Twilight November 21, 2008
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Rating: PG-13 for some violence and a scene of sensuality.

A teenager moving to a new town and new school falls in love but this is far from a traditional romance.

It's the latest best-selling novel to be made into a movie. With a legion of fans ready to rush to the theater and watch their heroes come to life on the silver screen, "Twilight" is one of those "critic-proof" movies. No matter what anyone says, its audience is going to seek it out.

The story opens with Bella (Kristin Stewart), whose divorced mom and stepdad are heading out for a road trip. That means Bella has to leave her home in Arizona and head to Washington to live with her police chief father Charlie (Billy Burke).

Although her new classmates at Forks High School are friendly, Bella feels isolated and alone. However she quickly notices...and catches the eye of...fellow student Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). He's part of a mysterious family and Bella instantly feels a connection between them. But Cullen is much more than just a high school pretty boy.

To make matters more interesting It turns out Edward is just as infatuated with Bella as she is with him. But he has a secret that may keep them apart. You see Edward is no ordinary angst-ridden teen. He's actually a vampire who is more than a hundred years old. Talk about living in different worlds!

Although "Twilight" is full of vampires, they aren't like the creatures most movie-goers are familiar with. They have reflections, don't sleep in coffins and sunlight doesn't kill them, it just makes them glitter like diamonds. But they are super-strong and fast and apparently all very good-looking. The crux of this story is the forbidden love between Bella and Edward. After waiting through the decades he has finally found a soulmate.

But Edward has to rein in his passion. If he loses control, Bella could die. It's no wonder young girls are among this film's biggest fans. It's a heart-touching story of forbidden love that fulfills many dreams and wishes.

As a movie it's beautiful. The scenery in the Pacific Northwest is spectacular. Plus, there are good performances from both of the leads and their supporting cast members. However, it is stuffed a bit full with long, meaningful stares, shuffling awkwardness and a threat that gets introduced in the third act that feels a bit random. Like the "Harry Potter" series, I haven't read any of the "Twilight" books. I don't think it's a necessity to enjoy the film but non-fans will be less forgiving of its leisurely pace and somewhat campy feel.

On my rating scale, "Twilight" earns a Triple.

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