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Baby Mama April 25, 2008
Baby Mama
Studio: Universal Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and a drug reference.

Former "Saturday Night Live" "Weekend Update" anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite on the big screen.

In "Baby Mama" Kate Holbrook (Fey) seemingly has it all. She's pretty, has a nice apartment and is very successful in her career.

But the biological clock for the 37-year old is ticking. You see, Kate wants a baby.

Single, unable to conceive and turned down for adoption, Kate explores the possibility of a using a surrogate mother.

After a visit to an agency she meets with Angie (Poehler) and her common-law husband Carl (Dax Shepard.)

The interview goes well and Angie decides to have Kate's baby. But soon an unexpected development in Angie's life has them living together. Despite their motherly bond they really don't have much in common. Sigourney Weaver runs the surrogate agency and she steps in to smooth things over.

So Kate and Angie continue their living arrangements. But twists and turns, less than honest revelations and relationships with the men in their lives threaten the situation.

Many of the laughs from "Baby Mama" come from the pairing of Kate's ultra-successful uptight businesswoman and Angie's lower class opportunist. One is neat while the other is a slob. One is healthy, the other a junk-food eating nightmare.

Despite the familiar plot and some jokes you can see coming a mile away this movie offers genuinely funny surprises. The characters often unexpectedly say something totally off the wall and that is part of this film's attraction.

The supporting cast includes a charming Greg Kinnear, a host of past and present "SNL" performers and the legendary Steve Martin. He plays Barry, Kate's new age guru boss who has built an empire of organic food stores.

The story moves at a pretty good clip, it keeps you smiling and I liked the ending. Sounds like a winner to me.

On my rating scale, "Baby Mama" earns a Triple.

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