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College Road Trip March 7, 2008
College Road Trip
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Rating: G

In "College Road Trip" police chief James Porter (Martin Lawrence) is a very overprotective dad. When his 17-year old daughter Melanie (Raven-Symone) is ready to start checking out her options for college, Porter isn't about to let her go alone.

So with Dad tagging along, Melanie starts her journey. But he's not content to merely be a chauffeur. He's taking an active role in the selection process and causing all sorts of problems.

While this movie is certainly inoffensive and sugary sweet, it's really just an excuse to throw actors into scenes of physical comedy and let them ham it up.

Lawrence's dad is a standard movie cliche. And of course, everything that could go wrong on this trip does. We get lost, we get chased because of misunderstandings, we interact with other characters who try way to hard to be funny and adoring, we get crazy situations involving slapstick comedy but not for a second to we get anything that remotely feels real.

The movie even throws a genius 10-year old little brother into the mix, with his oh-so adorable "super pig."

There are a few laughs scattered throughout the script but even for a comedy aimed at a younger audience the writers, directors and stars need to try much harder. This just feels like its by the numbers and I'm not impressed.

On my rating scale, "College Road Trip" earns a Single.

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