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Awake November 30, 2007
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Rating: R for language, an intense disturbing situation and brief drug use.

It's called "anesthetic awareness," a situation in which someone goes under the knife without truly going "under." The patient literally doesn't lose consciousness during the procedure and is able to feel everything.

The new film "Awake" explores this scenario but unfortunately the story is a real snoozer.

In "Awake" Clayton (Hayden Christensen) has it all. He's good looking, rich and has a superhot girlfriend named Samantha (Jessica Alba).

But on the downside, Clayton has a bad heart.

After mustering the courage to tell his overbearing mother (Lena Olin) he's marrying the girl of his dreams Clay finds out a heart is available for transplant.

He rushes to the hospital where his good friend and cardiologist Jack Harper (Terrence Howard) is waiting. Unfortunately, Jack's not a great doctor and the guy administering the anesthesia (Christopher McDonald) is even worse.

Without losing consciousness, Clayton feels every excruciating moment of his surgery.

Wow. That makes you feel like having an operation doesn't it? Unfortunately the rest of the movie doesn't get much better.

With "Awake" you get a jumbled mess of a film. While I liked Christensen as the young Darth Vader in the "Star Wars" prequels and Alba is beautiful and likable they are not very good here. Howard's turn as the doctor is also a letdown.

There just isn't very much to enjoy about the movie. I mean, who wants to watch something like this?

Surgery is scary enough...and even though what happens to our hero is much more rare than the movie would like you to believe this is still a pretty tough sell.

I didn't enjoy it. Any of it. The twists and turns, the acting, the entire idea. This is just not for me.

On my rating scale, "Awake" earns a Strikeout.

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