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Bee Movie November 2, 2007
Bee Movie
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
Rating: PG for mild suggestive humor.

For the past four years Jerry Seinfeld has been buzzing about a special big screen project. He's the star, producer and co-writer of the animated film "Bee Movie."

It's Seinfeld's first major project since his hit television show went off the air. He provides the voice for Barry B. Benson. Along with his cousin and friend Adam (Matthew Broderick), Barry graduates from Bee College and is ready to enter the working world.

But Barry isn't crazy about following bee tradition and doing just one job for the rest of his life. He decides to head out of the hive with a squadron of "Pollen Jockeys" to see a little bit of the world.

While on his journey Barry meets a young woman named Vanessa (Renee Zellweger). She saves him from her boyfriend Ken (Patrick Warburton) who is determined to smash the insect with a shoe.

Because of her kindness, Barry breaks "bee law" by speaking to Vanessa and the pair quickly become friends.

A short time later on a shopping trip with Vanessa, Barry discovers humans are taking honey from hives and selling it. He files a lawsuit and the result threatens to upset the balance of nature.

If you enjoyed Seinfeld's television show you'll like "Bee Movie." It's full of his trademark humor and observations. But children also have plenty to look for as the fairly simple plot rolls along with beautiful pictures and colors.

Crammed with celebrity voices including Oprah Winfrey, John Goodman, Chris Rock, Larry King, Michael Richards, Sting and even Ray Liotta, the cast is funny and well-suited to the movie's dialogue heavy plot.

This isn't a fall-down funny film. Instead there are a bunch of small, amusing moments or wry comments. But the smiles provides an entertaining hour and a half in the theater.

On my rating scale, "Bee Movie" hits a Triple.

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