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The Game Plan October 5, 2007
The Game Plan
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Rating: PG for some mild thematic elements.

A former professional wrestler goes for a very different image in his latest film outing. And it turns out that yes..."The Rock" does have a softer side in "The Game Plan."

As a pro grappler, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was the toughest of the tough. A loud-mouthed cocky muscleman who alternated between hero and villain.

In "The Game Plan" Johnson plays Joe Kingman, a toughest of the tough quarterback for a pro sports team. But Kingman's world is turned upside down when a young girl appears on his doorstep and says she is his daughter.

A fairly predictable series of events of comedic events start to take place, with the superstar quarterback adjusting to the new child in his life.

It's often very easy to dump on this type of movie. It's goofy and harmless and there is very little in it that's original or creative. But I've always thought that doesn't lessen the value of film if its executed well, especially if it is a family offering.

As long as the story is told well and the actors bring enthusiasm and believability to their roles I'm in for the ride. And that is exactly what happens here. "The Game Plan" is formulaic but it's also warm and engaging with a talented cast and a happy ending. It delivers pretty much what you expect. What more can you ask from a funny little family movie?

The Disney Channel's Madison Pettis stars as Peyton, the daughter Joe never knew he had. She delivers a cute performance and never stoops to the sickeningly sweet child actor level.

Roselyn Sanchez is a ballerina teacher who gets involved with the football star and his child. She's pretty and adds some fuel to Joe's love life.

"The Game Plan" is a pleasant outing that should leave you smiling when the end credits roll. That's a good night at the movies for me.

On my rating scale, "The Game Plan" earns a Triple.

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