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Sydney White September 21, 2007
Sydney White
Studio: Universal Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for some language, sexual humor and partying.

An old familiar fairy tale gets a new twist.

And I'm pleased to tell you "Sydney White" more than lives up to its source material.

I'm probably not exactly her target audience but I really like Amanda Bynes. I think she's a talented actress with great comedic touch. She cut her teeth on Nickelodeon on "The Amanda Show" and as she's gotten older her movies and tv work have been consistently funny.

In "Sydney White" she plays the tomboy title character. Raised by her father (John Schneider) after her mom died at an early age Sydney doesn't worry too much about "girl stuff."

But she soon heads off to college and prepares to join her mom's old sorority. But her pledge experience doesn't go the way she expected because the sorority's president has it in for her.

Rachel (Sara Paxton) doesn't like Sydney because she believes the freshman is a threat to her own popularity.

The movie really starts cooking when Sydney is forced to find a place to live and winds up in an old house with a bunch of social outcasts. Instead of seven dwarves she gets seven dorks. But Sydney sets out to make their college experiences better by teaching them what it takes to succeed.

Bynes has already taken one classic story and made it her own in "She's the Man," which was a retelling of a Shakespearean comedy. She does the same thing here and is just as successful.

She's cute, has great timing and makes you root for her. Although there aren't many surprises this is a well-told, amusing story which showcases Bynes and her co-stars.

On my rating scale, "Sydney White" hits a Triple. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to the movies we go.

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