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Shoot September 7, 2007
Shoot 'Em Up
Studio: New Line Cinema
Rating: G for pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language.

If you like your movies loud and fast I have one that might be right up your alley.

"Shoot 'Em Up" is a film that definitely lives up to its title.

Clive Owen stars as the mysterious Mr. Smith. He's minding his own business sitting on a bench when a pregnant woman runs by. She's being chased by a man with bad intentions.

After thinking about it for a second Smith decides to get involved. And that decision leads to him delivering the baby, finding someone to help take care of the newborn all the while dealing with villains who want the child dead.

This may be one of the simplest reviews I've ever done. Writer/director Michael Davis has put together a living cartoon of a movie. Seriously, someone even steals the "What's Up Doc?" line from Bugs Bunny.

Owen as the reluctant hero with the dark past, Paul Giamatti as the hitman Mr. Hertz and Monica Bellucci as a prostitute who steps in to help protect the baby are all very good. Giamatti in particular seems to be really enjoying himself as he chews up the scenery snarling and ranting about his target.

The dialogue is filled with snappy one liners while incredible action sequences unfold at a very rapid pace.

Disposable bad guys fill the screen as Smith comes up with more and more ingenious ways to bump them off.

There is a plot and we eventually figure out why the killers want the baby dead but trust me it really doesn't matter. The sheer spectacle of the violence and the inventiveness of the gunplay will keep you happy.

On my rating scale, "Shoot 'Em Up" earns a Triple.

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