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Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer June 22, 2007
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG for sequences of action violence, some mild language and innuendo

When the original "Fantastic Four" movie performed better than expected and made 154 million dollars at the domestic box office and 330 million worldwide a sequel was inevitable.

The original cast returns in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." As we rejoin our heroes, Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffud) and Susan Storm (Jessica Alba) are getting married but strange happenings all across the planet threaten to interrupt the proceedings and put the world in jeopardy.

Enlisted by the military to investigate, our heroes eventually discover the Silver Surfer. He's the herald of a creature which feeds on planets and the Surfer leading his master to Earth.

Like its predecessor, this Fantastic Four movie isn't dark and gloomy. The heroes don't face a crisis from within. Sure, there are a few bumps where the wedding is concerned but mainly this is a straight-forward superhero action movie.

Alba (The Invisible Woman), Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic), Michael Chiklis (The Thing) and Chris Evans (The Human Torch) are pretty comfortable with their characters and make you believe this foursome is a family unit. With the exception of Alba's distracting contact lenses and the worst hairstyle in movie history, the stars do good work with some pretty light material.

In addition, despite appearing to meet his end in the first movie Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) returns. But the role feels tacked on and almost gets in the way of the story. Plus I really don't like the way the FF's arch-villain is written or portrayed.

One of the film's true highlights is the Silver Surfer. A computer generated character based on movements by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne, the surfer is a mysterious and powerful being. He's not necessarily evil but he does have his own agenda for serving the world-eater Galactus.

This is a short movie that's pretty well paced and gets into the plot right away. Sure, there are some flaws. I would have liked a little more action and interplay between the Human Torch and the Thing and a little less Dr. Doom but overall this sequel is delivers.

It compares pretty favorably to the original.

"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" earns a Triple.

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