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Meet The Robinsons April 6, 2007
Meet The Robinsons
Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Rating: G

A lonely orphan is taken for the ride of a lifetime. But the trip isn't measured in miles. It's a journey of years.

Now that the legendary Pixar Studios bosses are running the show, big things are are expected from Walt Disney's Animation Division. Although the marriage is still in its early stages the collaboration has resulted in a pretty decent movie.

"Meet the Robinsons" stars Lewis (voiced by Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry.) He's an orphan who constantly dreams of finding his mom. But his love of gizmos and inventions gets him into trouble because every time he meet a prospective family something goes wrong and ruins his chances.

Following a major disaster at a school science fair Lewis is ready to give up. But he meets a boy named Wilbur Robinson who says he's from the future. When Lewis wants proof, it's into the time machine for an incredible journey.

Once in the future Lewis meets Wilbur's family. The Robinsons are quirky and odd, but they are a fun and lovable bunch.

But lying in wait to ruin everything is the villain of the movie. Bowler Hat Guy (voiced by director Steve Anderson) also travels through time via a stolen ship. He wants to capture Lewis, ruin the future and rule the day. But the bumbler must rely on Doris, a robotic bowler hat which may have schemes of its own.

There aren't any superstars in the cast of "Meet The Robinsons." Angela Bassett and Laurie Metcalf are two of the biggest names. But the actors fit their characters very nicely adding more to the movie than some random recognizable star.

Added to the mix is a group of genetically enhanced frogs. They're a musical bunch who owe quite a bit of their looks and sound to the Rat Pack of the 60's.

The story is sweet without going overboard. There are plenty of lessons to be learned about working hard, reaching for your dreams and "moving forward." It's all delivered with great looking and imaginative pictures.

There are moments which border on being a little too silly (a meatball cannon?) but this is a children's movie so those short scenes are forgiven.

On my rating scale, "Meet the Robinsons" earns a solid Triple. And without a doubt my favorite part of the film is Tiny the dinosaur. He's great!

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