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Norbit February 9, 2007
Studio: DreamWorks
Rating: PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, some nudity and language.

Eddie Murphy puts on a fat suit in his new comedy.

If you think that sounds familiar, you are right. Murphy covers some familiar ground as the title character in "Norbit."

As a young boy, the orphan Norbit falls in love with a beautiful girl named Kate (Thandie Newton). But happily ever after is not meant to be as the big and tough Rasputia horns her way into his life. Years later Rasputia (a fatsuit wearing Murphy) bullies Norbit into a loveless marriage.

One day Kate returns and renews her friendship with Norbit. However, Rasputia is determined to stand in the way of any chance for a relationship to blossom.

Despite his wife's wishes Norbit continues growing closer to Kate. That prompts more and more outrageous behavior from Rasputia.

As he proved in "Coming To America" and "The Nutty Professor" movies, Murphy is very good at playing multiple roles. In addition to Norbit and Rasputia he is also the owner of a combination Chinese restaurant and orphanage named Mr. Wong.

Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker, who has collaborated with Murphy before, puts his amazing talent to use in making all of the characters real and lifelike.

Even buried under pounds of latex, Murphy's talent comes shining through. Whether he's the timid Norbit, the inscrutable Mr. Wong or the over the top Rasputia he's great.

The supporting cast includes Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Junior who plays Kate's beloved with a hidden agenda. But this is clearly Murphy's show. Despite her immense size he gives Rasputia a good helping of physical grace as she bulls her way through life.

If you like Eddie Murphy as Professor Sherman Klump and the rest of his nutty family you'll probably enjoy this outing as well.

On my rating scale, "Norbit" hits a Triple.

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