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Catch and Release January 26, 2007
Catch and Release
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, language and some drug use.

Charleston's Jennifer Garner returns to the silver screen in a movie which explores the dynamic between love and tragedy.

"Catch And Release" is not your average romantic comedy. Gray Wheeler (Garner) is on the verge of getting married. But things unravel when her fianc Grady accidentally dies during his bachelor party.

Gray soon runs into financial trouble and is forced to move in with his old buddies. That's when the plot really starts moving. Gray finds out Grady had been keeping major secrets from her and those secrets cause her to question their entire relationship.

Sam Jaeger and Kevin Smith play Grady's buddies who make room for Gray. They're joined by Timothy Olyphant's Fritz. He got off on the wrong foot with Gray so he tries to make amends. The two soon discover a bit of a spark when they're together.

"Catch and Release" is an interesting mix of the situations life can throw at you.

Unlike most romantic comedies where the worse thing that happens is a wacky mixup, this story deals with great tragedy and how people try to move forward from it.

Garner is her usual adorable self. From playing action heroines to the girl next door, Garner has great range and she proves it again here. Gray is vulnerable and confused but also funny and sincere as she works through her grief. The supporting cast is likable and realistic as each deals with Grady's loss in their own way.

Far from being a typical "boy meets girl story." this script makes you think a little bit before arriving at a pretty satisfying ending.

But with actors giving very good performances, an ambitious and intricate plot, beautiful scenery and music that really helps set the mood "Catch and Release" is a winning effort.

On my rating scale, "Catch and Release" hits a Triple.

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