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Dreamgirls January 12, 2007
Studio: DreamWorks
Rating: PG-13 for language, some sexuality and drug content.

Although much of the rest of the country was able to enjoy "Dreamgirls" on Christmas day it finally arrived in theaters here three weeks after its initial release.

I can tell you it was worth the wait.

Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy and American Idol wannabe Jennifer Hudson star in this thinly-disguised tale of the Supremes.

Effie White (Hudson) is a larger than life woman with a voice as big as her figure.

She heads a girl group which eventually turns to Curtis Taylor (Foxx). He convinces the singers to let him be their manager when he promises superstardom.

Eventually, the Dreamettes become backup singers for James "Thunder" Early (Murphy). It's a big break for the women and they learn plenty about the business from this fading star.

The arrangement works very well for a while but Taylor decides the group is destined for greatness its own. However, he must first replace Effie with light-skinned beauty Deena Jones (Beyonce Knowles). But as Deena's star ascends Effie has nowhere to go but down.

"Dreamgirls" is filled with incredible music and sizzling performances. Hudson is fantastic as the spurned singer and Murphy just about steals the show as Jimmy. Foxx's sleazy manager keeps the tension high as he eventually morphs into the type of businessman he's battled his entire career.

Beyonce's performance is probably the weakest of the bunch. She is beautiful but her Deena seems a little too soft to step into the spotlight. I'm pretty sure Diana Ross had a bit more backbone when she was made a star and the Supremes were pushed into the shadows.

"Dreamgirls" chronicles the ups and downs of the music industry, with racism, sexism and greed all thrown into the mix.

It's a great looking and sounding film.

On my rating scale "Dreamgirls' hits a Home Run.

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