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The Marine October 26, 2006
The Marine
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, sensuality and language.

A professional wrestler steps out of the ring and in front of the cameras for his first movie appearance.

World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Cena makes his starring debut in "The Marine." He plays John Triton, who is discharged from the Corps after disobeying direct orders not to engage the enemy. But he chooses to save fellow Marines in Iraq and gets kicked out for the decision.

Back home with his wife Kate (Kelly Carlson) Triton has a tough time adjusting to civilian life.

The couple eventually decides to drive to the mountains for a vacation but they run into a gang of murderous thieves who kidnap Kate and go on the run with Triton in hot pursuit.

After a gun-firing bullet-riddle chase, both vehicles crash in a swamp.

The gang tries to make a getaway but Triton is close behind.

He finally catches up with the bad guys at an abandoned riverfront shack where he makes him move to save Kate.

Nothing in this movie is to be taken seriously. The acting, with the exception of Robert Patrick who plays the leader of the gang, is very average.

But "The Marine" is not a total flop. There are plenty of explosions to keep action fans interested. And they are big blasts. Comically big, but visually impressive nonetheless.

Some of the dialogue veers away from standard action movie scripts with off the wall banter that's both unexpected and funny. Patrick gets some pretty good lines, and there is a short scene involving a conversation about hard candy and a camp counselor nicknamed "Johnny Whiplash" that really comes out of nowhere.

"The Marine" delivers pretty much what you would expect. Big fights, big chases, plenty of gunplay and a stalwart hero willing to risk everything to save his beloved wife.

It moves pretty quickly and has some decent moments.

On my rating scale, "The Marine" earns a Double.

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