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You, Me and Dupree July 14, 2006
You, Me and Dupree
Studio: Universal Pictures
Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, brief nudity, crude humor, language and a drug reference.

After finding much success with Vince Vaughn last summer, Owen Wilson is starring in another slapstick comedy.

But instead of crashing weddings, he's crashing a marriage.

Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon star in "You, Me and Dupree."

The movie opens on the Hawaiian wedding of Molly (Hudson) and Carl (Dillon).

But when they get back home, Carl's best buddy Randy Dupree (Wilson) has lost his job and his home because he attended the ceremony.

Carl invites Dupree to crash on his couch for a few days, not realizing the trouble he was asking into his newlywed life.

After several embarrassing antics by the clueless Dupree, Molly has had just about enough. On top of his problems at home, Carl has to deal with his boss...who happens to be his new wife's dad. Played by Michael Douglas, the man is secretly trying to sabotage Carl's marriage.

"You, Me and Dupree" has some funny moments, but there aren't enough to make this a good movie. Wilson's talent playing the lovable slacker loser is on ample display, but many of his hijinks come off as more annoying than they are humorous.

There just wasn't much about this movie I believed in. No newlyweds would put up with Dupree's act for more than a night. And when things do go wrong, there is no communication between husband and wife about how to fix the situation. The subplot involving Carl's problems at work only adds to the mess.

Following an entire movie centered on juvenile behavior and implausible plot devices, the film tries to deliver a sweet message about the importance of love and marriage. But its too little, too late. I just didn't buy it.

If you like Owen Wilson's brand of comedy you'll enjoy parts of this story. But overall, its a disappointment.

On my rating scale, "You, Me and Dupree" hits a Single.

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