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The Pink Panther February 18, 2006
The Pink Panther
Studio: New Line Cinema
Rating: PG for occasional crude and suggestive humor and language.

Steve Martin tackles one of the greatest movie comedy roles of all time.

He tries his hand as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau in a brand new version of "The Pink Panther."

Just about any movie fan will tell you that Peter Sellers was a comic genius as Inspector Clouseau in the original "Pink Panther" films.

But 40 years after Sellers originated the role, Steve Martin takes up the mantle of the French detective.

Once again, Clouseau is on the trail of the thief who has stolen the famous "Pink Panther" diamond.

But his bumbling, clumsy antics don't appear to be much of a threat to the criminal mastermind.

The singer Beyonce' Knowles plays the girlfriend of the "Pink Panther's" doomed owner. She's questioned by Clouseau, who is both dazzled and distracted by her beauty.

Kevin Cline and Jean Reno also co-star in "The Pink Panther," but this is clearly Martin's show.

His inspector is a drooling idiot who doesn't know how stupid he really is. But somehow, when all of the dust is settled, Clouseau manages to save the day despite himself.

Martin is good for laughs no matter what movie role he's playing, the this is no different. While it's not a comedy masterpiece, the pratfalls and stunts are funny. Martin's ridiculously bad French accent is played for jokes, and Clouseau's long-suffering colleagues get the satisfaction of watching him self-destruct after yet another harebrained scheme goes awry.

This is a silly movie, but there are enough funny moments to warrant a passing grade.

On my rating scale, "The Pink Panther" hits a Double.

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