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Hostel January 13, 2006
Studio: Lionsgate
Rating: R for sadistic torture and violence, profanity, nudity, sex and drug use.

Three men hoping for a good time in Europe find something far more sinister.

Once you check into "Hostel," you don't check out.

In the film, two ugly Americans are wandering around Europe looking for drugs and easy sex. When Amsterdam fails to fulfill their dreams of debauchery, they join an Icelandic traveler and head for Slovakia. They've heard it contains a Hostel full of beautiful women with easy morals.

At first that appears to be true. But soon, people start disappearing without explanation.

The tourists, played by Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson, have stumbled into a torture chamber where the wealthy pay for the privilege to mutilate innocent victims.

Fresh off of his low-budget triumph "Cabin Fever," director Eli Roth turns the gore up a notch in "Hostel." He doesn't leave much to the imagination as the sick and depraved do their worst to the helpless victims.

However, it's tough to work up much sympathy for the unfortunate Americans. During the first hour of the movie they're portrayed as rude and obnoxious boors. When they start getting their payback from the dungeon's clients, it takes a lot to feel sorry for them.

Hernandez' Paxton does manage to somewhat redeem himself through heroic and selfless acts, but you never forget what a jerk he was through the early parts of the film.

"Hostel" is brutally graphic, and definitely not for children. But if you're a horror movie fan it packs quite a punch and should satisfy.

On my rating scale, "Hostel" hits a Triple.

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