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Question of the Day

Do you agree with the decision to appoint an openly gay bishop?

16% Yes: 
Yes Votes
84% No: 
No Votes


The way society glorifies gays this day and time, our children are going to think that they are supposed to be gay.
Jimbo Cobb, St. Albans

I think it is a shame and disgrace that they would ever consider him as a bishop. If they believe in the Bible that God gave us (the same one I read) in which He said in Leviticus 18:22---'Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin.' From The Living Bible. Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed because of this same sin.
Laureda Collier, Logan

I am writing in response to the gay bishop issue. The scriptures given in the Holy Bible are very plain in regards to this issue. there is no debate that will uphold what the Episcopal Bishops have done. I give you scriptures from GOD'S Holy Word that settles the matter plainly as to GOD'S view on homosexuality. GOD does not hate the homosexual but HE definately says in HIS word that HE hates sin and HE classifies homosexual behavior as sin. Leviticus 18:22, Romans1:24-32, 1Timothy 3:1-7. Some may attempt to change or take away from what GOD has said but that doesn't change what GOD said.
Pastor Timothy E. Oakes, South Charleston

If he claims to be a 'man of God' why doesn't he know God's Word? In the book of Leveticus God Himself states to Moses,'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is an abomination.' (Leviticus 18:22)
Jennifer Shaw, Saint Albans

The bible says that this behaviour is an abominaton to god. He speaks specifically to this issue.
Lisa, Gallipolis Ferry

How can he justify his faith in God, when he openly defies the doctrine he claims to live by ! It is obvious his sexuality is not the only issue he needs to work out.
Charles R. Milam, Griffithsville

If God would allow such behavior, He would have to apologize to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for destroying them as punishment for thier sinful acts, homosexuality included.
Chris Shaw, Saint Albans

I applaud this decision emphatically. For far too long people have used religion to promote hatred. It is long past time for people with good hearts to include all of us in the great adventure of infinity.
James Romanek, St. Albans, WV

Jesus loves the homosexual, but not the sin of homosexuality, it's not a sickness, it's SIN! Jesus is the same today as he has ever been. He has healed my physical body from a very large ovarian cyst; carpal tunnel; cervical cancer and hyperplasia (too many white cells); as well as arthritis and fibromyalgia, most of this just last week. He can heal the homosexual, if they just ask him to and believe on him. They only have to answer to Jesus, why not live with him in heaven eternally, hell will be very, very hot!
Betty Dooley, Charleston

I believe it was the most ungodly thing the Episcopal Church could do.Where did they get their Bible? It must have been from Satan himself.
Don & Deanna Facemire, South Charleston, WVa

It is aganist Biblical laws
Jon, Scott Depot

It is totally against the word of God
Christa Spencer, Charleston

It is against God's Law...simple.
sal godinez, welch

The Church should be all about protecting the family unit, male & female not homosexuality. ST Paul had some very definite things to say about homosexuality.It is a sad day for the church.
Mildred C. Durant, Charleston,WV

First of all our opinions do not matter, societies opinion does not matter, any church councils opinion does not matter. God's word is forever settled. Gay practices are an abomination unto God, and the Bible clearly states that those that do abominations shall be cast into the lake of fire. When we stand before God Almighty, we will be judged by the book(Bible) and it does not matter what our opinions are, only that we obey his word. Maybe the Episcopal church should call themselves something other than Christians.
D. G. McBride, Winfield

Being gay is against what the Bible teaches us. Gay people are in deep need of th Lord's love...
Stephanie Tolliver, Fairdale

Read the bible it will tell you truth.
Roger ODaniels, charleston

What bible is he using. Maybe he is using Satan's bible.
Jerry Ryder, Elkview

I believe in love and tolerence.
Louise Cunningham, St. Albans WV

I was very disappointed to learn that the so called 'church' voted to allow an openly gay male to be a bishop. What in the world are people thinking. That'church' slapped God in the face today. They should be ashamed. I am ashamed for them.
Shelley Stubbs, Summersville

The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but the idea of Christianity is to repent from those things that are revealed as sin by the word of God. As Christians, we need to embrace homosexuals, but not their sin.
Kristin, Macon

Christianity opposes immorality of all kinds. Those who are immoral and and call for others to accept their specific immorality are not followers of Christ or scripture. With or without titles, they are false shepherds -- simply the blind leading the blind.
Dean, Corpus Christi

No, I do not agree with the decision to install an openly gay bishop!
Andy, Hurricane

We are all gods people regardless!
roy, Charleston

The Bible says homosexuality is an 'abomination'. If you believe the Bible is God's Word, there is no way what they are doing can be right. If they don't believe the Bible is God's Word, they shouldn't call themselves a church. It makes me sad.
J. Patton, Scott Depot

It just goes to show the poor state of the protestant church in our country today.
William Harpold, ripley

itis time people stop judging a person and start looking into there hearts, This is a great day for all people in community of Churches around the world.
Richard Whytsell, Arnoldsburg

God warns against the sin of homosexuality again and again in His Word. If the Episcopalian Church is going to stand with God, they cannot support homosexuality. They have gone beyond liberal with this action ... they have gone to actually approving of a sin God condemns.
Cliff and Vida Curry, Barboursville, WV

I think this is a question for Episcopalians. I do not think it is an appropriate question for the public.
Susan R. Michelfelder, Gallipolis, Ohio

Homosexuals do not belong in church, it is agaisnt the words of God. I think any gays should be kicked out of church. They should not be allowed to attend any religious happening unless it is a gay relion like homosexual happieness or somehting like that. Well, to conclude my words, I dislike gays and so does God.
Shawn, Wayne

Anyone who studies the scriptures of the Holy Bible should know that the practice of homosexuality is a sin and abomination in the eyes of God. But to practice this immoral lifestyle and claim the name of Christ also will bring a punishment greater than any could every know. They will split the gates of hell wide open. I am also ashamed to see anyone in the Charleston area showing support of such ungodly acts.
Gwen Morris, Poca

Homosexuality is condemned by God as vile immorality and He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament for this sin. In fact, the legal term 'sodomy' that describes part of homosexual behavior comes from the city of Sodom. Homosexuality is severely condemned in the New Testament. There is absolutely no basis for the Christian church to accept it but must condemn it because God does.
Harold Pritt, Hurricane

Just because he's gay doesn't make him necessarily better or worse than anyone else. We're all just people!
Terri Scott, Charleston

The Bible CLEARLY states that homosexuality is a SIN! A gay person should NOT represent the Church!
Tina Freas, St. Albans

The whole situation is disgusting and ridiculous. This is the same as picking an lesbian for a bishop. How can this hypocritical country expect God to Bless a country the endorses such filth.
Linda Frye, Huntington

no, the bible states that it is against same sex relationships. therefore i feel how can he teach the bible when he does not abide by it himself.
Teresa, Point Pleasant

The bible is very specific about the the abomination of sodomy and those that tolerate it (Rom 1:32). What's the point in even calling your self a church if God's word means nothing and you can sift through and ignore every part you disagree with. I guess that makes you God of the church of Your Own Invention
Dave Spitzer, Belle WV

How can he do work for the Lord, when what he openly proclaims is an abomination to God? Charlotte - Liberty, WV
Charlotte Samples, Liberty

If they allow gays to become bishops in church then they must allow child molesters. So the answer is NO GAYS IN CHURCH!
Jean, Wayne

I believe it is time for religion reflect societal norms and generally accepted behavior.
Anthony Twigg, Charleston

I think it is a disgrace. It goes against the teachings of the Bible. It is an abomination. 1 Timothy 3 1. This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 3. Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; 4. One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; 5. (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) 6. Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. 7. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.
Rhonda, Van

In 1 Timothy Chapter 3, the Bible, God's Holy Word, tells us that this is wrong. In Romans God tells us that homosexuality is a sin just like cheating or murder. So should we now except a professed murderer as a bishop. God forbid, but that's the problem we have left God and His Word out of all of this mess.
Aaron C. Smith, Milton

In the Bible it states that Homosexuality is a sin so therefore, how can you preach the word when you cannot live by it. Also by having a gay bishop it would start a hole new opening to opionated dicisions about the Bible that are false related. God made the human sex (male and female) to combine with each other not of the same sex.
Rachel Barber, Greenup County Ky.

They shouldn't vote into a church because that is wrong.
spenser johnson, greenup,kentucky

I am a very deeply religous Southern Baptist and I feel that being Gay is against Gods Law. It says in the Bible 'A man shall not lay with a man as he does a women' I supose Gay people have rights but not in my house nor my Church. Being Gay is wrong and I will go to my grave with that in my mind. The saying Love One Another does not implie men loving men. Or woman loving women.
Jim McCracken, Buckhannon

It is against the teaching of scriptures.
Joseph Ranson, Culloden

I don't believe that you can be gay and be a christian. God said to replenish the earth and how can they do so if they are gay. God didnt make Adam and Steve, he made Adam and Eve.
Jessica, Greenup

Everyone is entitled to be who they are. If Rev.Robinson is gay, let him be, it's his bussiness.
Samantha Phillips, Elkview

What is the world coming to? God created the world with Adam and Evie not Adam and John. With churches accepting this behavior the younger generation will think this practice is right. We are getting closer to see the Good Lord return.
Ryan Gray, Daniels

God will be his judge. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when that day comes.
B. Carothers, Walker Wva

It is unscriptual, since the beginning of the Bible. God made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve.
Barry Harper, Elkview

His sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way he does his job as being a bishop. It is an example how far American Society has progressed through the years.
Marty Adams, Charleston

The Bible makes this very simple. The Bible says: 1 Corinthians 7:2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. Also in: 1 Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders. It's real simple in the Bible, God comdems Homosexuals.
Eddie, South Williamson

To quote Judge Bork's book...it's another step in 'Sliding to Gomorrah' I think Ms. Hester would have voted yes.
Betty L. Orr, Charleston

I can't support anyone claiming to be a Christian and Gay. God loves those people and I do too, but to serve God, they have to repent and forsake their sin just as we all do. If these folks would read the book of Romans, Chapter 1, that would be enough to validate that homosexuality is sin. There are other references in both the Old and New Testament. My heart goes out to these men and women. I hope and pray they will come to the knowledge of the truth before it's too late. Sincerely,
Jacqui McCallister, Ridgeview

The Bible makes it clear that homosexual behavior is sin (along with many, many other sins) and our church leaders are called to a higher standard of behavior.
Mike Sheets, Huntington

Romans chapter 1 verse 27 of the bible clearly states,' likewise also men,leaving the natural use of a woman, burned in their lust one for another, men with men committing what is SHAMEFUL, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
Julia Chandler, nitro

Read the Bible. This is against what God Word says.
Linda Phillips, Dunbar

This is no gray area in scripture. God's Word is CLEAR. According to Romans 1:26,27 this is an unnatural act and abhorrent to God. Sodomy was the sin for which God rained fire and brimstone down on the city of Sodom and was punishable by death under the old economy. (Leviticus 20:13)
Don L. Myers, Hurricane

It is againist God's intention for human being's. He did not create men for men.
sissy, charleston

I don't think God would approve of it either. God made Man and Woman, he didn't make a third kind.
Douglas Short, Newton,W.Va

When does the church overule the scriptures. It is an abomination for man to lay with man. Are the Bishops playing God ?
Wayne Holstein, Nitro

I really don't understand how a person who so perversely goes against nature and the Bible can presume to minister to others... to help others maintain goodness in their lives while they themselves live a vile, unnatural lifestyle.
Dee Laffer, Prestonsburg

The bible says God made Eve for Adam,woman for man and man for woman...period! This is what the world is coming too ? How sad!
Kay, Cabin Creek

The Bible plainly states that a man with a man or a woman and a woman is a abomination to God.. Mr.Robinson needs to be born-again and turn away from his sins..
D.A. Pritt, Sissonville

It is against what the bible has to say. And there is not way the Holy Spirit of God can condone this.
Bill Meadows, Madison

Why doesn't it suprise me?
Eddie, Sissonville

This decision is a disgrace and an injustice to the people that actually read the bible and believe in the doctrine. My family attends to an episcopal church up until now! They have sent a clear message to all believers that they are above the teachings of the bible have made a drastic error in their decision. The moral fiber of this country has continully gone down hill and it is because of the poor decision making of people like them. I am ashamed to call myself an episcopalin and as of this day I no longer will. If that is what they believe in than my family and I will depart ways with them and continue to do the right things that the bible preaches in the doctrine.
Willam Dockendof, Cross Lanes

Who the heck cares it doesn't effect me in anyway.
Vanessa, Summersville

It is not natural God did not set it up for men to be intimate with men and women with women,especially a man of God what example is this setting for our children? its ok to be gay God approves! I think not.The Bishop should go to the Bible and see what God says about homosexuality.Romans chapter 1 verses26-28, Leviticus chapter18 verse22, chapter20 verse13 1Timothy chapter 1 verse 10 and Romans chapter 2 verse1 all of this deals with Gay people, i dont understand how he can say he is a man of God and be a homosexual especially when the Lord condens this.
Rebecca Kessler, Mammoth Wv

The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin-I do not believe that with him living in a open sinful relationship, that he could hold any position in the church, although I do believe he has every right to go to church.
Jerry Riggs, Grantsville

As long as it dosen't interfear with his service I see nothing wrong with the appointment. He was already in a very high position so I see no problem with it.
Jennie Craddock, Mt. Zion, WV

Yes I do, there is alot of Gay people out there in the world and if he wants to be open about and it still be a bishop in church then why not. There is many gay men and women in the world that works everywhere maybe they hide it from others and some dont then how do you know the person that sits beside you at church isnt gay and if so does that make them different from you? No it dont I think we all should be equal and let gay people live there lifes they way they want. Not some way a church say so. IF GoD Shed his blood for our sins, and he made everyone different dont you think he made Gay people too.
Michael Jr, Charleston

You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but NEVER all the people all of the time! This will cause the Episcopal Church to split badly!
Roger Creel, Charleston

If he had been living openly with a woman, unmarried, they would have run him out of town. Logic says he is not a 'pure' gay, he fathered two children. Suppose Adam & Eve had been gay,well we won't be debating the subject would we.
Lloyd McIntyre II, Charleston

This is another example of how worldly secular behavior is attempting to weaken the church to become worldly as opposed to being spiritually. However, Gene Robinson nor any of his followers can never change the eternal fact that homosexuality is against God's will.
William H Reed, Charleston

Yes, i'm glad he is happy, then i'm am happy, then were all happy, not to hide from anyone who can't go church or not, i still go to church but no one know, i do . I will tesitifty
Jeffrey, Nitro

They should read Romans Chapter 1.
David Martin, Elkview, WV

The Bible calls ANY sex outside of marriage a sin, and sex between members of the same sex an ABOMINATION. The 'Rev.' Robinson stated that God is doing a 'new thing,' but the God of the Bible, the God all sinners will have to answer to, is unchanging.
Shelah Boggess, Hurricane, WV

It certainly is NOT appropriate as the bible has alot to say regarding homosexuality as an abomination.
Sarah, Charleston

This is a disgrace and an abomination. Let's call it exactly what it is - SIN !
David Tanner, Nebo, WV 25141

The Bible teaches that to be gay is a sin.
Anderson, Dunbar

We need all types of people to reach out to God's children.
Bill Miller, Prestonsburg, KY

How can Robinson lead a bible-based denomination when he openly flaunts his life style that is definitely against the teachings of that bible?
G. Neal, Beaver

absolutely, the key to this is 'openly gay'. we have had closet gays as religious/spiritual leaders in power for thousands of years,we are just being more honest about it now, for the first time. hooray for robinson for bringing the truth out in the open. from the ancient tibetan monks to the current leaders of the catholic church, 'closet' gays have held safe and respectable positions and have been a dominant presence in all religions. and no, i'm not gay.
mary cline, belle

The bible speaks out against homosexually and they are going to put one at the head of their church?! I believe it will split their church.
Sheila, Tornado

Sometimes people wonder why the church continues to lose ground, this is just another example of the reason why.
J. A. Smith, Cross Lanes

No, I do not agree with the decision to appoint a gay bishop. This should not have even had to go to a vote. I'm still trying to figure out what the 62 bishops who voted in favor are thinking.
Jason Green, Hurricane

If his responsibilities have nothing to do with spiritual things it would be bad enough but to have a spiritual leader who totally disregards God's teachings ( Romans 1: 26-32 )is totally degrading. When you let down the bars to Homosexuality, Lieing, Liesbians, etc. and allow them to be presidents, Bishops, Ministers Sports celebrities and other looked up to men and women what can we expect our children, grandchildren and those to follow be. My prayer is for America and the World to turn to Jesus Christ for salvation from sin and receive the promise of eternal life after this life is over. Satan is very busy turning people's lives into drunks, dope addicts, sexual perverts etc. May the good people in the Episcopal church rise up and dethrone this hippocrat and start practicing and living out Christian principles again. Thanks
Aaron Robert Midkiff, Charleston

Homosexuality is against Gods law. They try to candy coat it, but get real. We are living in another Sodom and Gomorah...and what happened to them?
Betty Stiltner, Charleston

The Episcopal church will be sorry.
Jim, Bailey

God Help this Country. I thought the church's stood for godlyness. I guess I'm wrong that one.
Deanna K Facemire, South Charleston

It is against God's teaching and an abomination to what the Bible teaches us. It is sin no matter what they try to call it.
Bvenker, Baltimore

Sick Sick. What is going on in the world today. He should be put in a hole in the desert to rot with all the other gays
Rob, Staint Albans

God loves the gay man but he does not love the sin that is being committed. God has a specific design for the bishop/pastor of a church. I Timothy 3 and Titus 1 states that the elder (Bishop/Pastor) of a church is to be a husband of one wife. According to that, a wife is a woman not another man. If there is a gay man in a leadership position at a church, then they are strictly against what the Bible says.
David Kersey, St. Albans

The bible states it is an abolishment. I could not take my children to a church where the preacher is gay. I commend those in the church who turn away from this decision. May god bless them for standing up for what is right.
tracy, nitro

better than the closet priest pedophiles one would guess
Phil Brooks, Charleston

Being Gay is a sin. There will be no sin enter into heaven.Gay people should be welcome into any church but just like any other person they must be born again, and stop sinning.
Shirley Lanham, Elkview

Do they not have the same Bible we do?? GOD is strictly against homosexuality.
Debi Beverage, Ripley

They obviously feel that he is the chosen one for the appointment of Bishop. If they felt otherwise, he would not have been chosen by the existing bishops or the public.
Jenn Lucas, Dunbar

The Episcopal Church is a religious organization. This being the case, their fundamental belief is in the word of God, hence, the Bible. The Bible teaches homosexuality is an 'abomination' to mankind. My feeling on this is simple, you can't serve two masters. You're either a believer in what you teach or you're against it. I don't see where there is any clear cut justification for a gay clergyman.
Mike Jeffries, Poca

Holy Scripture, which Episcopalian clergy SWEAR TO UPHOLD when they are ordained, clearly sets out the requirements for Christian life and leadership in Romans Chapter 1 and in Timothy Chapters 1 & 3. Homosexual practice is specifically excluded.
Henry Battle, Charleston, WV

Just so he isn't Catholic!
MJ Klimek, Shinnston

No i dont think its right..According to the bible its a sin...Its inappropriate for a man whos job is to spread the word of god as to what is right and wrong to live this way so that our children grow up thinking this is ok..I believe it is his right and choice as to how he lives his life but i think he should step down from the church if he chooses to live with another man..
Sonia, Indiana

I don't agree that a homosexual man can stand in representation of God and preach that homosexuality (along with all other sin) is in agreement with the Bible's teachings.If he wants to serve God, he should do it out of the public's eyes and ears when it comes to his personal preference for same sex relationships.We are all guilty of sin;but I personally, would not be 'living with my lover', straight or homosexual and expect to be in the pulpit.
BJ Grey, Montgomery

Gays or homosexuals are the reason God destroyed sodom and gomorah. It is an abomination to him and a stinch to his nostrals. It is a sin and the wages of sin is death according to Gods word..God hasn't changed he said i am the same yeserday today and tomorrow. He also said he would let man believe a lie and be damed.
James Martin, Cottageville

I believe that God is very upset with all that is going on in 'churches' today.
Cline Priestley, Alum Creek

As this country allows, freedom to make our own decision, this person has a right to his on life style. However, making that decision he has to live with it, and should not be in a position of teaching, direction, and especially preaching God's truth. If God thought it was ok for this life style He would have spoke more favorable towards it. He, God, tells us that it is not right and He does not like it. God gives us free will. So, the gay made his decision but stay out of positions of authority that will push it on other. Just like we, including all colors, don't like the people who practice racism and we stand up against that; lets stand against things that God doesn't approve off.
Kenneth Dosier, Rainelle, WV

Rev. Robinson's sexual preference should make no difference in his abilities to perform as bishop. He was elected by a group of his peers; if the other bishops in the church have faith in him and his beliefs, who are we to question their decisions?
Jody, Huntington

I am against it for two reasons. The Bible in at least two clear references says it is an abomination. Second, I believe someone who engages in extramarital sex is committing a sin -- regardless of whether it is heterosexual or homosexual activity. While I believe that no one should be discriminated against in secular matter, religion has clear cut rights and wrongs. It is not a situation where the majority rules.
Terry, Ona

Priest are not suppose to have sex of anykind
Sandra Yeager, Grantsville

I don't see how it is possible for any church know matter what the denomination, if they believe the bible is the complete inspiration of GOD it plainly says if a man lies with another man as he would a woman it is an abomination to GOD Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22. and that is just one of many times it is spoken against in the bible. There telling there followers it's ok to do what ever you want who cares what GOD says as long as you make yourself feel good it's ok...the bible says not to kill should we go kill if we feel like it. It's also showing there church to worry more about what people think than GOD...we realy need to decide do we want to please GOD or MAN?
Chris Helle, Hurricane

This is an abomination. People should read the Bible. It states that a man will not lay down with another man, as he would a wife. This is sin and they will pay for it.
Carole Maupin, Nitro WV

I guess they just ignore the parts in the Bible that says homosexuality is Wrong! What's that saying to the people??? They mus practice 'Selective Belief'.
Rhonda Barton, Evansville, IN

The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes not to mention sex performed outside of marriage. A gay leader of any church cannot convey the word of God properly or teach Godly morals.
Joanna Morton, Charleston

How can you be a minister of God and, at the same time, an abomination to him? (Leviticus 18:22) In the New Testament, Paul umistakably describes this behavior in Romans 1:26-27 and follows by saying (2:2) that the judgment of God is 'against them which commit such things.' The Christian church should be teaching deliverance from sin, rather than condoning it.
Shirie Westfall, Dunbar

God loves him just as much as he loves me, but, he of all people should read and mediate on scripture. 'IT IS WRITTEN' - Romans 1:24-27 1 Corinthians 7:1-2 And I feel that if the 'gays' think they can force the rest of the world to accept their immoral ways, why don't they create their own cities,work places, and churches and pay taxes into a fund that supports their ways. They won't have a population problem! God made Adam & Eve...NOT Adam & Steve.
Connie Smith, Parkersburg

If what he is doing is not a sin then GOD would be a liar god made women for men
John Butler, Ridgeview Wv

I've been a Christian and an Episcopalian all of my 45 years. I guess now I'll just be a Christian. Being gay is more important to Mr. Robinson than serving God, otherwise he would sacrifice the life style he currently enjoys and put all of his energy into truly serving the Lord.
Tracy Mitman, Saint Albans

An openly gay person has no place in church leadership. God loves the sinner-not the sin. The Episcopal church will never be the same. What will emerge from this is the question.
William Chase, Richmond, Va.

The decision to appoint an openly gay bishop to lead a group of people would be totally against the Word of God! God says that sodomy is a sin! I know that all people sin in some area or another, but if one says they are a Christian, they should be exactly that - CHRIST-LIKE! Because that is what the word Christian means! (To be Christ-like.) Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect. However, God does expect Christians to strive to be what God would have them to be. And God outrightly declares sodomy a sin. I think this is just another step and saying that 'YES, God is coming back just like He said He would and it won't be long!'
Priscilla F. Milam, Griffithsville

I would leave the Church as this goes against the teachings of the Bible.
L.T., Portsmouth, Ohio

Maybe he is reading the wrong Bible! Maybe he would like to borrow mine!
Sharon Smith, Charleston

The Bible speaks of this life-style as a sin. How can a sinner lead others to Christ?
Lori Marcum, Chapmanville

I think you would have a discriminating issue if not allowed.
Kathy Saul, Belle

God calls all to serve
David, Huntington

God is the same today, yesterday and forever and while he is a loving & forgiving GOD, we are all judged by the same standards and homosexuality is a sexual sin.
Belinda Griggs, Charleston, WV

It all comes down to whether you believe the Bible or not. Fact: Homosexuality is a sin, according to The Bible. No sin is worse than any other, so this one would be equal to murder, or stealing, or adultery -- any of which would NOT get one elected to bishop! Though we are ALL sinners, Christian Bible-based religions should not elect leaders of such an known and outspoken sinful nature.
Kay Knight, Saint Albans

How do they justify that one to God ? God have mery on their souls !

First chapter of the book of Romans tells us what God thinks about the 'gays.' Also, rember Sodom and Gamorra.
Stephen E Jeffrey, Huntington

GOD said for man not to lay with a man nor a woman lay with a woman. The Bishop should read his Bible again.
Margaret, Boone Co.

Absolutely Not! The Bible clearly says homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord.
Alice Moore, Knoxville

loving someone of the same gender has nothing to do with spirituality and willingness to serve the world
LisaBeth Ravenwood, Ogden

its sad day when that crap is church suported
Rusty McNeely, branchland

God's Word teaches against sexual sin. The Bible teaches in Galatians the fruits of the Sirit.The Bible also states in Romans 8 that those who follow the Spirit will receive life those who follow the flesh will not.Homasexuality is not love it's a form of lust:sexual sin. How can this man teach out of the Holy Bible and not follow the same Words He is teaching others to?
Lillie Rose, Saint Albans

Yes right now, but no if it's aginst the law!
Hagen, Lewistown

I do not agree with this action because I beleive that it' a sin to be gay, and that it's a greater sin for a leader of the church
Gary Mason, Charleston West Virginia

It is wrong acordon to Jesus and what it say in the only bible the 1611kjv Bible. Thats all i have to say that rev. will have to deal with jesus
Jeffrey Gilkeson, Craigsville wv nicholas county

it is an abomination before God and a slap in the face of every christian in the world.it is flat out disgusting
roy smith, nellis

God made adam and eve not adam and steve
April Harvey, Renick, WV

It just goes to show you that main stream churches has lost any religious conviction and are unable to discern right from wrong. They obviously do not believe the Bible is the Word of God. Sin is relative to popular opinion or at least to the opinion of social liberals. Adultery as well as sex outside of marriage is equally sinful yet society and mainstream denominations have turned these sins into inconvenient necessities of life. Is it little wonder more sins are falling under an umbrella of acceptable missteps of behavior?
John, South Charleston

God created mankind as Adam & Eve - not Adam & Steve. The truth is in the Bible: Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination and Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities bout them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Also read Romans 1:24-27 and Genesis 19. This church will split if they are wise!
Barbara Nichols, Clendenin

Why a bishop living with a man not be a sin when living with a woman not his wife would, especially when the purpose if for a sexual relationship
Steve West, Nitro

The bible says it is an abomination to be homosexual. I think it is very wrong.
Robert W Craigo, Oak Hill

Good Lord no! I am a Christian and this goes directly against the word of GOD. Jude Verse 4. For there are certain men crept in un-awares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungoldly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. 5. I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this,how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that beleived not. 6. And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day. 7. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. 8. Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.
S. Jude, Mingo County

I think it is awful. They should read their Bible more.
Trish Neal, Mt Nebo

I am not a religious person, but to those that are this is a big slap in the face. I'm so sick of the gay community shoving homosexuality into the faces of Americans. Ethnic-Americans have no choice but to be who they are. Gay people make their own choices, in which being gay is not the choice that the majority of the world will tolerate!
Robert Seip, Sophia, WV

They must not read the Bible.

Churches are supposed to stand for the Bible. The Bible is definitely against this perverse lifestyle.
Mike Hager, Princeton

I don't think that you can be gay and be religious at the same time. It plainly states in the Bible that homosexuality is WRONG! So to say that God is trying something new (a statement by Robinson). I don't believe that I have got that addition to the Bible yet.
Joy Johnson, Charleston

What kind of example does this set for our young people?

I'm not sure which book they read and/or follow... but in the BIBLE, it clearly says that homosexuality is an abomination.
Amy Kuhns, Charleston, WV

God has told us that 'gay' people is not right in his sight.
Debra Figart, South Charleston

I think people are forgetting what God's word says and doing whatever they feel like doing. I think it is a shame.
Kim Stepp, Dunbar

According to the bible, which that person should be very familiar with, homosexuality is a SIN. If I was a member of that denomination, I would find another denomination to attend church.
Barbara Petry, Cross Lanes

Evidently they don't read the Bibles they 'teach' from.
Gene Garlow, Poca

Genesis 2-24 Therefore shall a man leave his Father and his Mother and shal cleave unto his wife and they shall be as one flesh. ADAM and EVA not ADAM and STEVE
Willard Roberts, Sissonville WV

It clearly says in the Holy Bible that two men having relations together is a sin. Everyone sins, but he has made a sin his lifestyle and plans to continue doing it. If the Episcopal church believes in God, then they have to believe that the Bible is God's word. They are going against God's word in allowing him to have a leadership position
Sandy Cooper, South Charleston

A religious homosexual is a total oxymoron!
Philip Paas, Charleston

I voted no because I am assuming this man is having openly gay relationships. Based on scripture I have read in the Bible, I feel it is hypocritical to profess to be a man of God and go against His word. I must ad, however, I don't begrudge anyone who disagrees with me. This is simply how I interpret the Bible. I look to officers of the church to live by example, and I am concerned with this man's credibility as a Christian. I set high standards for Christian leaders. Look up these scriptures and decide for yourself. Romans 1:24-32 Leviticus 18:22-24 None of us are the judge. Including me. This issue is ultimately between this man and God. We must read the Bible and decide what is right for ourselves and be very careful not to point fingers at other people when our own lives are full of sin. We all need to worry about our own salvation and take steps in seeing that we each please God with our behavior!
Tracy, Cross Lanes

I have no doubt that Rev. Gene Robinson is a good man but the confirming of the Rev. is in direct conflict with the Bible he professes. We as a nation have been blessed by God because we have not forgotten (up until now) how are forefathers started this nation. We were Biblically based, fought for our freedom of religious oppression and have for generations been a giving and caring nation. We are rapidly becoming a nation who has lost sight of our forefathers insights for our nation and are caving into views that that will have concequences on our future. Our God is a loving God but also a rightous one.
Kim, Hurricane

we need to move past the don't ask, don't tell stage.
Marie Lamont, Hurricane

Not no, but HELL no! Let him lead a Boy Scout Troop..kidding. What's this world coming to (or going to)?
Chuck Bradley, St. Albans

If Robinson can bring the Word of God to people and save their souls who cares if he is gay? Gay bashers need to read the words of Jesus Christ in the four gospels. Jesus never slammed gays. The majority of gays are invisible people you meet every day. They are appalled at the gay priests molesting boys and other public immorality. Gays want to live in peace. Not all gays are molesters and sodomites. If this man has a 'clean' record let him be bishop. Those who hate gays the most are closet cases anyway.
David F. Parsons, Clearwater, FL

Not only is he gay, but totally selfish...putting his ambitions ahead of the church. I am searching for an Anglican church.
Ellen, Greenville, SC, formerly of Charleston, WV

Hatred simply has no place in any church. Thank God for an enlightened view from a church for a change!
Brian Moore, Philadelphia

I disagree with the decision to appoint an openly gay bishop. As a Christian, I see this just as another step closer to the Rapture. It is a poor example of 'churches' conforming to society instead of what is in scripture.
Dee Bradley, Charleston

the bible is against gays, therefore the lord would not call a gay in the ministry.
F Dodd, Palm Coast Florida

Romans,Chapter one. How could anyone with a biblical knowledge do this ???
Mickey Collins, Delbarton

this is what happens to so called churches that you cannot find in the bible also any true CHRISTIAN can look at the Rev. in front of his name and realize that he not at the church that is in the bible because you can only find Rev. in the book of psalms. please attend the church of the bible Romans 16:16. Jesus just built one church matt/ 16:18 the episcopal church was created by a man known as henry v111 king of england beginning in 1531-1539 please look for this church in the bible if you find this name please tell me the book chapter and verse. 1 thess. 5:21 prove all things hold on to what is good. thanks cokemank@yahoo.com
Ken Mckee, Oceana

I am very happy that we are moving forward as a nation. True christians love all people because God loves all people. We forget to look at homosexuals as loving individuals. If we as a society would stop being afraid of those that are different, and take some time to love and learn from those people we can get so much more from our life. This country was built on equality in the face of diversity. Not allowing an openly gay person to be bishop would be moving our country backwards. Why stay in what you know, try something you don't.
Christy Analiese, Los Angeles CA via Lewisburg

I know and believe that it was wrong and disgusting for the church to elect and allow a openly gay man to oversee and lead their church. The Bible clearly states that homosexual relations are a sin against God and are not to be accepted. It's sad that we live in a country, whose foundation was laid on Biblical befiefs, and things like this are accepted and supportd. How does Gene Robinson expect to lead his church and be the witness and servant that God expects him to be when he is openly sinning against him and has not the slightest amout of shame? A pastor is not expected to be perfect, but how can Robinson lead his congregation and instruct them in the wayss of God when, he himself, has no reguard for his teachings?
Danielle, Poca

Why not? He can do the job right?
Marc Chavez, San Antonio, Tx

This country is getting away from is founding. ONE NATION UNDER GOD! Our forfather left their home land to settle here for religous freedom. Christianity was at the top. according to the HOLY BIBLE you can not be a gay Christian.
Chris, Charleston

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!
Kevin Hale, Logan, WV

This goes against the bibles teachings
Deborah, Allen Jct.

Romans chapter 1 says it all and for those who do not know what reprobate means look it up in the dictionary. God does not change his rules to please man, only churchs do. THese people know nothing of God.
Gloria Johnson, Ravenswood WV 26164

Being gay is against God, therefore, how can you be a leader of Him? That is totally contradicting to make a gay bishop.
Julie Pistelli, Ravenswood

Absolutly not. There is no question that homosexuality is wrong. People have to push through every fiber of their concience to excuse it. Its clear that God does'nt agree with it. Its another case where churches are conforming to the world instead of being anchored in the Word. God doesnt hate the homosexual, but society's embrace of that lifestyle and the comparisons that are being made to the struggle of African Americans in this country is example of the lengths that peoiple will go to excuse sin instead of moving closer to God.
Frank, Winfield

Religious leaders are expected to provide a bulwark against the moral relativism in which today's culture is mired. I do not see how they can do that while embracing something described in the Holy Bible as an abomination.
Robert Solomon, Wheeling

In the bible is specifies no man shall lay with another man, and the same goes for women. So, what are you suppost to sermon on? everything else but the chapters that talk about being gay? Thats like a disrespect to god.
Michelle, Cannelton

Absolutely not! Has anyone been listening lately to the number of Catholic Priests that are SUPPOSE to be serving God and what they have done to unspecting males? All of this gay marriage and gay tv shows should be boycotted as well as the sponsors who are supporting the shows. Our families are confused when they see all of these things. I once heard that we would destroy ourselves, if this is not stopped, we will be well on the way to doing just that. So say no, and boycott this unexectible behavior.
Peggy Ridenour, Ripley

It's absolutely wrong to go against the teachings in the Bible, which are plain regarding homosexuality.
Angela Fannin, Isonville, KY

Yes, I very much agree very much with the gay biship decision. It is time we begin to move away from and openly confront the neo-Purtianism that seems to be sweeping our country's relgious and politcal climate. We are a nation of tolerance, not oppresive legalistic fundamentalism.
David Cornwell, Fort Wayne, IN

Why not? He is a human being and deserves the rights of one. There have been many amazing homosexual leaders in the past, and there are many powerful homosexuals leaders today. In our society, homosexuals are typically more educated and wealthier, than any other group. We have to stop resisting the change. What is everyone afraid of?
Austin Tucker, Cabin Creek

The Bible says Adam and Eve, 'Not Adam and Steve'! I thought Bishops were supposed to have a celibit life, so how did he know he was gay.
Bill Dalrymple, Saint Marys

There is no doubt the bible is against the homosexual lifestyle. The Episcopal church leadership has obviously succumbed to the worldly pressures of being politically correct in the eyes of people instead of taking a stand on the side of God whom they supposedly serve.
Tonya Skaggs, Elkview, WV

I think if the church believed Rev. Robinson was good enough to be the bishop of New Hampshire before they found out he was gay then he should still be good enough after they found out.
Misti, Charleston

I think it is totally sick
Karen, Beckley WV

The Bible says 'man shall not lay with man'
Sabrina Brewer, Charleston

This is just a further erosion of our Jewish and Christian Standards. In the last days, men will call evil, good and good shall be called evil. We have lost our direction. Situation Ethics have been taught in our schools since the early 70's. Or if it feels good, do it! However, Man may change his laws, but God's laws never change! I Am the same, yesterday, today and forever!
Bishop Avis L. Hill, West Palm Beach, Fl. formally from West Virginia

God's inspired word clearly speaks against homosexuality, so how can someone who professes to serve God continue to practice it?
Joy Bowen, Marietta, Ohio

Have we gone so far to just allow our moral values to hinge upon certain Special interest groups? It's wrong spiritually, and goes against all Christian Judeau principals that were the foundation of this country. Ne need to make a stand NOW!
Benjamin Gentry, Charleston

its wrong , homosexuality is wrong...pretty simple
Rick, Parkersburg

People in positions of leading others in their walk with Christ are to be reflections of him. A gay bishop is not a clear reflection of our Lord. Jesus condemed homosexuality and the church should not encourage people in thinking that this behavior is acceptable.
Sherrie Stewart, Hurricane, WV

it goes aganst the bible
Earl R Hall Jr, Teays Valley

No gay person should be in charge of any church at any time or any where. This go's against the Bible!
Larry Knight, Naples

I think that this is another example of someone's attempt to be Politically Correct and try not to offend someone. The only positive thing out of the vote is that at least 45 bishops had the will and courage to say NO. Maybe they should try and actually READ the Bible! Perhaps another Reformation with the Episcopal church is at hand... Lord I hope so!
TP, Hurricane, WV

Newsflash, folks: The Bible isn't inerrant! There are tons of fallacies throughout the text. (For example, Galileo vs the Church.) However, people refuse to recognize these errors when it comes to sexuality. The scriptures went through numerous rewrites century after century, so ideas were understandably lost and added during these translations. Additionally, rulers, kings, and others openly manipulated the text to fit their personal beliefs and limited knowledge of the universe. On top of that, many ancient societies didn't adhere to the same distinctions of human sexuality that we do today. The term 'homosexual' didn't even exist until the late-1800s! So, how can anyone justifiably use the Bible to chastise others for their sexual preference? Even as a heterosexual woman, and I am proud of Bishop Robinson. His position will not only cause Christians around the world to actively seek understanding about homosexuality, but all other aspects the nature and history of Christianity as well.
Jessica, Princeton, WV

Male homosexuality is a sin according to the teachings in the bible in my opinion !
Doug, Zanesville, Ohio

Gay guys are people 2
Mike, Grayson

Surely it is now accepted that the Bible should be used as a guide as to how to live our lives not as a rule book. Once, the Bible advocated slavery - slavery is abhorent to all mankind today. Women were second class citizens and the Bible places the blame for many of mankinds problems at the feet of woman kind - think Eve. Now is the time to accept that homosexuality, despite being reilled in the Book is not the evil it was once thought to be. If we accept it is right to ban slavery, cease to denegrate women for being women and accept the lifestyle choices of those who were once on the fringe of our community surely it is acceptable to believe that a homosexual man can love and be loved by God as much as any one.
James Brookes, Crawley

its a abomanation these people are really sick they should of stayed in the closet, it will be the fall of our great nation,
Phyllis, Ivydale wva

It goes against what the bible teaches us.
Jennifer W., Belle

This is disgusting! The Church has become as perverse as much of the rest of the world. Apparently those bishops haven't read their Bible enough to know that that is exactly the sin that caused God to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible also says that it is an abomination to God. So how, by any stretch of the imagination could they possibly condone such behavior out of a bishop!
Laura Allen, Frametown

I don't think that anyone who is exposed to children like a bishop is should be given this position if they are gay. The Episcopal church should learn from the Catholics and the problems they are have at this time.
Mary Jarrell, Dawes

It utterly amazes me that any denomonation that reads the Bible would even remotely entertain this idea. It's not that gays shouldn't be shown love, but they should not be in teaching positions, which would show that their behavior is acceptable. To me, it makes as much sense as appointing an unrecovered alcoholic to serve.
L. Reese, Fairmont, WV

In this decision, this church has become man's church. It will no longer be God's church unless... 2Ch7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Rick, Elkview

Okay, okay, would you please move on!?!?!
Sandy Hutchinson, Nitro

I do not agree with the vote, however, he is not the first bishop in the public's eyes to be gay. There are many others in higher places that are gay and they have not been made public yet.
Mary, Charleston

People need to read the bible! God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for sexual immorality and homosexuality!
Carol Christenson, Charleston WV

Yes, I think its great that 'gays' human beings are actually getting aknowledge as decent people, insead of the stero-typical 'unhuman like behavior' that alot of people seem to think we protray.
Kevin Misner, Huntington, WV

He needs to get saved and so does anyone who voted him in.The bible calls this lifestyle an abomination to God. To repent means to turn away from unGodliness which he obviously has not.
Preacher Phil Lyall, Poca

It is against Gods Teaching plain and simple
Jim McCracken, Buckhannon

I cannot believe that he would be even considerate, obviously the bible means nothing.
Donna, Franklin

Biblically speaking it's never right! All you have to do is read in the old testiment about Sodom and Gomorrha! Those cities were destroyed because of the same kinds of sin that is going onin America today!
Cheryl Secrist, Summersville

This man professes Christianity and yet, he defies the Word of God. God said in His word 'you are either for me or against me'. No spout can give forth both salt water and fresh. To God, homosexual behavior is an abomination. That's the word he uses. Sounds to me like a Secular Humanist not a Christian. A do your own thing kind of guy. It's a shame more 'Christians' don't know what they believe.
Nancy, South Charleston

I'm not and episcopalian member, nor a christian for that matter, also I do not live in New Hampshire. But,,,,imho, church leaders that believe in the G-d of Israel should not condone and abomination, but also, I understand that christianity doesn't believe in the Laws of G-d given at Sinaii to Moshe (613) not just 10.
D. R. Barber, High Point

Yes'the bishop might be gay but he is still human if the world would dwell on more important things like what is going on with our children with drugs and violence then we wouldn't have to make a big issue about the bishop being gay that doesnot make him anyless ahuman being than you and i the world has alot more to worry about than worrying if the bishop is gay or straight more power to him
Dee Shafer, Elkview'

I personally don't think it is right. However, I believe it is up to the members of their church to do as they please. It's none of my business.
Michael, St. Albans

It goes against the Bible and God. It is a sin and will be dealt with by God in due time.
Amy, Scott Depot, W.Va

an absolute attack on the scriptures making the word of God fit what man wants it to say allowing man to do evil and call it good
D Paul Stinson, Cheshire Ohio

It's against the Bible and Gods ways and is teaching doctrine that is NOT of Christ words! There fore it is nothing less than another one of Satans counterfeit churches! Erosion of society!
Jerry 'Mike' Damron, 121 Township Road 1189, South Point, OH 45680

II Peter chapter 3 vs 3 says: knowing this first that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lust. & vs 7 But the heavens andthe earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgement and perdition of ungodly men. The word of God wil stand reguardless of what we do.
Steve Arnott, Hurricane

I feel that we all should be tolerant and show love! That is what being a christian is all about. However we should not forget that we as believers are held to a differant standard than the world. IT is not the responsibility of the church to politically correct. It is our responsibility to teach deliverence from bondage, wich only comes from Jesus Crist. At this point I believe that all christians should be in constant prayer. I read in the paper that the bishop said that today god gave another easter to good Friday, or something to that effect. The fact the He would have the nerve to compare this situation to the death and resurection of my lord and savior speaks volums.
Kristina, South Charleston

I can't see how you could be a bishop and be gay,the bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
Amy Jo Milem, South Charleston

I do not understand how someone who is going the teachings of the bible in their lifestyle can teach other people how to live their lives.
Don Lemley, Milton

Through Baptist faith, I was always told that the Bible states somewhere that homosexuality is a sin. Therefore, that is how I have been raised to believe. There are many homosexual people in this world- men and women, and that is THERE business- however, they are not presenting themselves as a leader and teacher of GOD. What does this teach us?
Robinson, Huntington

Mhats the world comming to!
David Houser, Marysville



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