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Sick Trip Tips

We all know we need health insurance at home, but it's also critical while you're traveling, especially in other countries. Dr. Donald Young with the Health Insurance Association of America says if you're not sure you're covered, a simple phone call can put your mind at ease. There are two things you should confirm:

Coverage Confirmation

Check This! Hospitalization
Be sure your policy covers your hospitalization and treatment costs while overseas. It can be quite expensive to find treatment in an area that is unfamiliar.
Check This! Evacuation
If you need to be medically evacuated from the area you're visiting, will your policy cover the expense?

To find out if you have coverage, call your health insurer. If you booked the trip through a travel agent, you may have coverage included in your trip cost. Or, if you paid with a credit card, you may also have insurance coverage as a perk of being their customer.

Generally, there are three kinds of supplemental coverage:

Coverage Options

Check This! An annual plan, or per-tip plan: You purchase this directly from a provider and it covers medical expenses and/or evacuation.
Check This! A customized plan. This typically includes trip-cancellation insurance and is sold by the tour operator or cruise line you booked your trip with.
Check This! A bundled package. This is insurance you buy yourself from a large travel-insurance firm, it typically covers health and trip-cancellation insurance.

Prices tend to vary, but are generally based on your age, the length of your trip, the amount of coverage you want, and sometimes, the region you are visiting.

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