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How to Handle a Bad Boss

Have you ever had a bad boss? If you're having a tough time dealing with your supervisor, you may feel like walking out. That may not be the smartest option, especially if you have bills to pay. However, you don't have to just sit back and take the abuse. Career counselor Teresa Daly says there are some ways to hopefully improve the problem:

Check This! Have an Honest Discussion

Ask your boss to sit down for a meeting. Find out what's expected of you and what he needs from you. Talk about how you can meet those expectations. "Say things like ‘You and I don't always see eye to eye, but what do we need to do? What can I do to work better with you?'" says Daly. Getting feedback may be all you need.

Check This! Keep Records

The next time you have a negative interaction, make sure to write it down:

>>When did it happen?
>>Where were you at the time?
>>What did your boss say to you?
>>How did you respond?
>>What happened next?

Check This! Stay Cool

Make sure you always stay in control. Losing control will make you look bad and may appear like you're challenging your supervisor's authority.

Check This! Get Help

You may also want to look to a coworker or mentor for some coaching. That person may be able to offer you some feedback or insight into how the boss operates.

Check This! Over His Head

If the problem is extreme, you may have to talk to your boss's boss. This may include situations where you're cursed at, threatened, or harassed.


Is your job making you sick to your stomach? Is your boss putting you over-the-edge? A combination of your job and your personal life may be stressing you out. Take our stress test to see if you're overstressed.

Think about the last twelve months of your life. If any of the events listed below have happened to you, take note of the points. Then, add up your score.

1Death of a Souse100 points
2Divorce60 Points
3Menopause60 Points
4Separation from a living partner60 Points
5Jail term or probation60 Points
6Death of a close family member60 Points
7Serious personal injury or illness45 Points
8Marriage45 Points
9Fired at work45 Points
10Relationship reconciliation40 Points
11Retirement40 Points
12Health change of close family member40 points
13More work than 40 hours a week35 Points
14Pregnancy35 Points
15Sexual difficulties35 Points
16Gain of a new family member35 Points
17Work role change35 Points
18Change in financial state35 Points
19Death of a close friend30 Points
20More arguments with spouse30 Points
21Taking out a mortgage or big loan25 Points
22Foreclosure of mortgage or loan25 Points
23Sleep less than 8 hours per night25 Points
24Change in responsibilities at work25 Points
25Trouble with in-laws or children25 Points
26Outstanding personal achievement25 Points
27Spouse begins or stops work20 Points
28Begin or end school20 Points
29Change in living conditions20 Points
30Change in diet (food, smoking)20 Points
31Chronic allergies20 Points
32Trouble with boss20 Points
33Change in work hours or conditions15 Points
34Moving to a new residence15 Points
35Presently in pre-menstrual period15 Points
36Change in schools15 Points
37Change in religious activities15 Points
38Minor financial loan10 Points
39More of less family get-togethers10 Points
40Vacation10 Points
41Minor violation of the law5 Points

The Results

If you scored 250 points or greater, you may be overstressed. People with low stress tolerance may be overstressed at levels as low as 150 points.

Money Saving Tip!Did You Know?

According to stress management expert, Dr. Ellen Dunn, PhD, more than 60 percent of American workers say they end the day with stress related pain.

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