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Stop Bugging Me

It's happened to you at one time or another, you walk into your home and find creepy critters. What do you do to get rid of them? If your answer is hire an exterminator, that can be a pretty costly choice. But, Dr. Myles Bader, author of the 21st Century Reference Guide to Cooking Secrets and Helpful Household Hints says you can often do it on your own for practically pennies: "You can keep the ants, inspects, and critters away from your property, away from your house, with mostly natural ingredients that you have around the house." Here are some of Bader's tips:

Flying Insects

To get rid of bugs, like mosquitoes:

>> Put some basil in a muslin bag. Hang a couple around the house.


>> Keep a few basil plants around your home


Hit the liquor cabinet and grab some inexpensive wine. Then, take a shallow dish and fill it with the wine. Place a dish anywhere cockroaches are looming. Why? "They drink the wine, get drunk, fall in, and there they lay with their little legs up in the air," says Bader.

Crawling Insects

If you have a problem with crawling bugs, like ants, grab some bay leaves. Put them in jars in your kitchen, or wherever you have a problem. If you do this, Bader says you will never see a creepy crawler again,


If you have a problem with mice, rats, squirrels, or moles, Bader recommends using peppermint oil. Put it on a cotton ball and place it in any trouble area.

If these rodents are outside, try planting peppermint plants.

Don't Tick Me Off

Calling all dog owners, To get rid of ticks and fleas:

Crush up some sage (as close to a powder as you can) and rub it on the pet's skin. Wait 20 minutes and brush off.

To keep them away from Fido's sleeping area, put one or two drops of lavender oil on his bed.

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